For any queries related to blog posts, advertising, events, blog collaborations or press samples please contact me on and I will respond as soon as possible. 

Guesting and Collaborations
I do not accept guest posts on jessicrescent as I prefer to have at least part of the content written by myself in a particular style. However if you would like to collaborate on something I find relevant to my current content then email me.

Press Samples 
I am more than happy to accept press samples and products to review and style and books, however, coverage is not guaranteed and I do not have the time to return products back to you. I only blog about products that I’ve started to use in my daily routine and really love or books which are similar to the genre I go for already, so if I love your product or a book, then it will get featured. Any samples received will be reviewed without bias and a truthful opinion given. I want jessiecrescent to be a reliable and trustworthy source of lifestyle information for all of my readers and I will never be paid to speak positively of a product if I do not agree. Please contact at

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