Writing Inspiration

Why I write: I am moved by a books ability to pull you out of one reality and into another It's the only way I can be honest with myself It's the purest form of the truth I feel too much and sometimes poetry is the only way to express this Catharcism I write for …

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University Catch Up

I am finally finished! All my assignments have been handed in and I'm ready to enjoy christmas. I'm currently writing this whilst in bed with a christmas Starbucks, catching up on youtube and am planning some posts for the next few months. The past couple of months have flown by so fast and I've been struggling …

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My Bucket List

Over the past couple of years I always go through the same routine: start a new journal, write a bucket list on the first few pages, never look at it again. It's an endless cycle that I want to break and I figured being in my first year at university would be a good place …

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Current Favourites

I have been so bad about blogging recently. I have no idea why I just haven't felt that inspired, but that's okay and I need to remember that it is okay to take some time out every now and then. For my first post back I wanted to talk about my current favourites; from beauty …

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New Habits for Better Mornings

I am without a doubt a morning person, I don’t like to sleep in because otherwise I feel like half the day has been wasted and, right now, daylight is in short supply. However I am a writer and like many writers i am most inspired at night so sometimes find myself writing into the …

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To Read Before 2016

   I have no idea why but my reading game has been completely off this year. Maybe it’s due to the stress of A levels or being too obsessed with pinterest before bed but I haven’t read nearly as much as I wanted to this year.  That is about to change as I have 8 …

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For when you need a happiness boost

Transitional seasons can be hard. I know, I know in my last post I couldn't stop talking about how much I loved this time of the year but everyone has down days and they can be really hard. Sitting in my room writing everyday seemed like the best thing ever when I had just finished …

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This Summer

Exams are over, school is out, my besties and I have been away and I've had my leavers prom. I will have almost a whole 3 months to make the most of the Sun and the freedom of having no commitments. I always get excited just after my birthday for Summer because the weather seems …

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Writing a to-do list that you’ll actually stick to

Constructing a to-do list at the start of the week is all good in well for understanding what you need to get done but not very successful if you don't really follow it. Here are the best ways I will actually get things done. #1 Identifying the tasks The majority of these for me will be …

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The One Where I Actually Do Work

Do you ever get it at the start of the year when you feel so motivated to do work? You know, that feeling you get after you buy out the entire staples down that road? Yeah the one on the left. See, I knew it! Results day for year 12 is like when a horse …

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