Five Things I’ve Learnt Getting Back With An Ex

I have been debating writing this post for a while now - I feel like getting back together with an ex is quite a tabooed thing and no matter what the circumstances it can be a very risky thing. It can either go one of two ways: the past will constantly haunt you until you …

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Is It Time To Quit?

I feel like I am under an immense amount of pressure right now. I feel like I am letting work down, uni down, you guys down. But most importantly, I'm letting myself down and my mental health is suffering as a result. And I've cracked. I knew something had to give but I never knew …

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Skincare 001 – Summer Roundup

This summer my skincare has changed slightly, after my trip to new york where I picked up some things from glossier and then went home and found a few favourites from a while back but I'm mixing it up a bit at the moment and thought I'd share my skincare picks from the summer with …

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