October Round-Up and November Goals


Hey Guys!

Long time no see. I apologise for that, if you follow me on instagram or know me you’ll know that this is because I have recently moved to London and have started a new job. On top of this I have been applying and sending work off to possible freelance jobs whilst trying to keep my own business afloat and have felt a bit suffocated.

Moving away from the struggle as I refuse to dwell on the negative I am very excited to be writing this post knowing it will be uploaded in a few days time and (in a typical month round up post) cannot believe we are now in November!

I have had so many different blog post ideas bouncy round my head for my first one back but thought this one was the best suited! So stay tuned if you want to hear a little round up of the whirlwind that is London life and my goals for the month of November.



Obvious moving is a big change for anyone and I’ve lived in London before so didn’t think this would impact me very much…boy was I wrong! Living in Cornwall for 3 years surrounds by sand, sun and having the sound of waves bless my ears has been traded for car alarms waking me up in the middle of the night, angry commuters shoving me out of the way and buildings blocking any warmth the sun beamed down.

Apart from the drastic shift I am really enjoying London life – it has made me realise how little Cornwall had to offer (career wise) and I’m actually getting used to it now – apart from the sound of cars as I try an sleep, I miss the sound of waves immensely.


If you are a regular reader/follow my Instagram you’ll know I’ve been partnered with a haircare company for 5 months now and am loving the products! Recently they released skincare and, although I was very skeptical at first, I am actually loving them! I will be uploading a skin/haircare related post very soon if you’re curious to hear more.


My music taste has been very mixed recently – some days I love acoustic, others I’m all about rock and even rap!

A few of my favourite songs of the moment are below but I also thought I’d share my November Playlist to give you a full breakdown.

Top Artists:

Harry Hudson – Whenimma | Cry For Love | Gone 

Lizzo – Karaoke | Good as Hell | Like a Girl | Soulmate

TWO LANES – Drive | Away | Drifting

Dermot Kennedy – Power Over Me | Glory | A Closeness

Top Songs:

The Aces – Stuck | Pell, G-Eazy – Got it like that – Eleven:11 Remix | Lil’ Kim –  The Jump Off | Twin Shadow – Saturdays | Grayscale – Baby Blue | Enter Shikari – Sorry you’re not a winner | Dance Gavin Dance – Head Hunter | Alexisonfire –  This Could Be Anywhere In The World | Saint Raymond – Movie in my Mind | Caribou – Can’t Do Without You | Hozier –  Almost (Sweet Music) | Charlie Cunningham – Minimum | Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy 

Books, TV & Film

I will be honest, reading has been the last thing on my mind recently however I am slowly making my way through ‘You’re A Badass’. The reason it’s taking me a while to read has nothing to do with the fact I don’t like it (I actually love it) I have just been struggling to plan my time accordingly recently.

I am currently trying to finish my stageplay so am watching a lot of films and TV shows with similar themes.

A few TV shows I’m loving right now are Mind Hunter, Celebrity Hunted Stranger Things. 

I have also been watching a lot a films recently and a few of my favourites are: Hereditary, Panic Room, Wounds, Hotel Mumbai The Perfection. 

November Goals 

I have been umming and ahhing about my November Goals for a while. I have so much I want to achieve and last month ended up overwhelming myself.

November for me is all about breaking things down and taking it slow so I’ve got 5 main goals for November:

  1. Listen to 3-4 podcasts a week
  2. Read for 30-60 minutes a day
  3. Write 2 more scenes of my stageplay
  4. Write 1 blog post a week
  5. Be consistent and create an achievable routine


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