I’ve Graduated…Now What?

Hey guys, so you may have noticed a little bit of radio silence on this blog recently

Last week featured a very exciting day for me and one that was filled with a lot of mixed emotions. It was my graduation and my family travelled down to spend this special day with me.

It felt very weird – how three years of my life was whittled down to one day and it didn’t really feel real until it actually happened.

But now I can officially call myself a creative writing graduate with a first class honours degree from Falmouth University!

So now that I’ve graduated, what am I doing with my life?

This is something that has cropped up in my mind almost every day for the past year, it’s a very scary thought, or was at first but now I’m not as scared.

I am not just graduating…I am graduating with an amazing job starting on Monday and am graduating a business owner.

As I am now starting a new chapter in my life and this blog has been part of my life for the past 5 years now, I thought I’d go back to my roots and do a bit of a chatty blog post for you guys to tell you a bit about what I’ll be doing now that I have graduated.


The hotel I have worked at on the bar for the past two years have offered me a two-month contract as a marketing assistant to help me gain experience in the world of copyrighting and content writing. I could not be more grateful for this opportunity and, even though I have been doing a bit of work experience for a month or so with them around my bar hours, I can’t wait to properly move to the department and get started. I’ll also have 4-5 evenings off a week which is something I am very excited about! Anyone who has worked in hospitality will know that shifts can be during the most unsociable hours and you need to sacrifice quite a bit as a result. But it’s also something you need to do sometimes and is inevitable. Nevertheless, I am extremely happy I put in those hours and my dedication to them proved my worth to the marketing team.

Being a Business Owner:

During May, a lady messaged me on Instagram asking if I was interested in becoming a business owner and use network marketing to make a bit of money through social media. It was for a naturally based, cruelty free, vegan haircare company that was the fastest growing haircare company in social marketing. Obviously this was something I was extremely interested in, after all, I love talking about my favourite beauty products on both my blog and my Instagram, I spend a lot of money on skincare so thought I should probably invest in my haircare seeings as I have damaged  however I was also very nervous and a little bit sceptical. Was this too good to be true? What would people think of me? Would I just be known as a ‘shampoo girl’? Would I be laughed at? Would I be judged? You get the idea…

I mean of course there will be people who will laugh and judge me and call me stupid but I am so happy that I said yes to the opportunity. I have been with the team for almost 2 months now and am so happy with the progress I have made – I’m not just taking strides in my business, I am surrounded by like-minded, supportive, motivating women, I am taking care of my hair and seeing amazing results, I am helping myself by improving my mindset and so much more.

I am currently looking for 5 new girls who are looking for an opportunity like this and join me. I have been able to make extra money

Plans for the Future:

When my job at St Michaels ends I will be moving to London to work for The Health Equation. I will be moving up at the end of September and I can’t wait. As much as I love Falmouth, there’s no room for job progression, so I know that going to London is the best plan for my career. My boyfriend will also be moving to London with me, this will be the first time we will be properly living together and again is a bit nerve-wracking but I cannot wait what the future has in store!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this weeks post, I’ve missed writing this kind of content so if you guys like it I will be doing it a lot more!

Have a great weekend!

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