My Hair History

The mistakes I’ve made being an experimental and impatient person. 

I have always had very thick, wavy hair. As a child I had ringlets and then in school I always thought having straight hair was prettier. I grew my hair for as long as I can remember and at one point straightened it every day because I just didn’t think curly hair looked nice. Obviously heat damages your hair a lot so I lost quite a bit of curl doing this.

Once I got over that straight phase, my hair was a lot longer and more wavy as opposed to curly – I think that was a combination of straightening it constantly and also the hair being heavier.

I have always been an experimental person with my hair. I wanted to dye it from a young age but my mum would never let me. As soon as I started university I decided to dye it.

Throughout first year, my hair was a lot of colours – ombred, purple, red, ginger (I got bored of the red and stripped it), green (it was meant to be a nice turquoise-blue but that didn’t work out), black, ginger again, then a chesnut/brown balayage type do.

At the end of my first year at university, I figured since I had probably damaged it a lot and the ends were quite worse for wear, I decided to chop it all off. I had been umming and ahhing about chopping it off for a long time and I finally did it and had about 7 or 8 inches off.

Worst. Mistake. Ever.

I hated having short hair. I didn’t like the way it looked natural down (think frizzy, curly but not a nice curly) so I spent a lot of time with it up or would straighten it.

Then I calmed down a bit with the hair dye and dyed it red again for a while and gradually my brown roots grew and I swapped the red ends for a light brown dip dye.

Since realising how easy it is to dye my hair, and considering I now got really bored of my hair I began making the ends lighter and lighter until they were bleach blonde. This did a little bit of damage but I would constantly use hair masks and hair oils so it wasn’t too bad.

Then in August/September 2018, I went full meltdown and bleached my hair.

Yes, it was fun for a while but the amount of damaged it caused to my hair and how it looked/felt was awful.

Now this, was the worst mistake ever.

After losing a lot of hair and about half the thickness (not to mention how it constantly felt like straw) I then had it professionally dyed back to a more natural brown in November 2018.

I have not touched my hair since and it is in a lot better condition. I think that is partly down to not dying it however I do style it a lot by either straightening or curling. I have also managed to create a haircare routine which I now follow religiously and I think this haircare routine is the reason my hair has improved so much.

In a couple of week’s time I will post this routine and share with you guys how to get your hands on these amazing products which, if you follow me on Instagram, I can’t stop raving about!

What are your biggest hair woes?

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