Making Self-Care a Ritual

From a young age, we are all taught to extend our love to others. So when you’re told to love yourself it seems wrong, unnatural, however, self-love and self-care is crucial to our sanity.

Self-care is is essential to healing that relationship with yourself you may have been neglecting for a long time. And whilst self-care sounds easy, learning to love yourself can be very difficult and sometimes a long road that is never ending.

In school, I was not happy with myself and I definitely didn’t love myself. However, since university my mindset has switched and I love myself more than anything.

They say that you can’t love anyone else until you truly love yourself and I guess it is true – how could you let someone else love you if you don’t feel that love towards yourself?

In March, I wrote a post about the self-care habits I was adopting. It was around the time of my final deadlines and I needed to make sure I wasn’t too overwhelmed, or stressed and ensure that I was recharged and ready to tackle these deadlines to the best of my ability.

Now, 3 months on, self-care isn’t just a couple of habits, it isn’t something I do sometimes when I have some time spare – it’s a routine, a ritual for me, and I can actually say that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in a long time. I think this has come from making self-care a ritual and I wanted to share what I do to ensure I look after myself and love myself and hopefully it will help you too.

I plan my week in advance

Something I can’t not do now is plan my week in advance. It resets my mind, focuses my brain on the most important tasks and set’s me up for a successful week. I always sit down on a Sunday at some point throughout the day and block out an hour to look at the week ahead – what’s going on, when am I working, what blog posts am I writing, am I meeting any friends. I also write a couple of goals for the week, ones that can be done but I still need to work to achieve them. Spending this time on Sunday’s I find really prepares me and get’s my mind in order.

I schedule in me-time

If I do too much for other people I find I can get very overwhelmed. When planning my week I make sure to schedule in a bit of me time – even if this is just 30 minutes a day to read or write, or sit in a cafe and have a coffee, I make sure to schedule this in as otherwise time will get away from me and I’ll end up feeling too overwhelmed to do anything and my productivity levels will plummet!

I acknowledge and accept my emotions

I am a very emotional person and that’s the way it’s always been. Every since I was a child it’s just how I’ve been and I’ve always felt like it’s a bad thing. Only recently have I learnt that for me, I need to acknowledge and accept the emotions I feel to work through them as opposed to ignore them (which is detrimental to my mental state). Emotions are natural, it isn’t bad thing. Everyone deals with their emotions differently – what’s important is to find out more about your emotions and learn to work through them your own way.

I listen to my body

I have been sleeping a lot better since realising that I need 7-8hours sleep a night. I always aim to be up at 7/8am which gives me a full hour to wake up. Most of the time, unless I finish work really late I will be up by 7 ready to start the day. I love mornings as I feel like you can get so much done and start your day being productive leaves you feeling positive for the rest of the day. Some days though, my body does not want to get up early and that’s okay, maybe once or twice a week I will give myself the morning off, knowing that I’ve been productive and now is the time to listen to what my body needs.

I write

As you can guess, I love to write and try to write every day. Even if this is just three things I’m grateful for in my notebook. Writing fuels my love for writing more and more every day. Obviously not all of you reading this love to write too, but what I would say is find your passion and practice it everyday. Don’t give yourself excuses because what’s the point? This is your passion – it’s what makes you happy, makes you feel alive, why aren’t you working towards it every single day? If you aren’t and you don’t have an excuse, is it really your passion?

What do you do to make self-care a priority? I’d love to get some tips from you guys!


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