Motivation Monday 006

Let’s Talk: Saying No

Hey guys, hope you were all enjoying the wonderful weather in the UK this weekend? I don’t know about you but sunshine always makes me much happier, inspired and motivates me to kick start the week with a can-do attitude.

In my last Motivation Monday, I spoke about saying yes to opportunities and what that can do for you. Today I wanted to turn it on its head and talk about the power of saying no. Not to opportunities but for an entirely different reason.

So many times I have wanted to say no to something but have felt guilty or bad because of it – Would those people judge me for saying no? Will they stop liking me? Whether this was going out for drinks, catching up for a coffee, whatever the situation, I was spreading myself too thinly over too many things but I felt guilty saying no.

I was listening to the Often Ambitious podcast the other day (listen to this for female empowerment, motivation or just if you’re on a long drive and are bored of playing the same playlist) and the girls spoke about being selfish with your time and how it is imperative to your wellbeing.

Today I wanted to share a couple of thoughts I’ve had since listening to this podcast.

Saying no means looking after you instead of other people happy. What is the point pleasing them if you aren’t pleasing yourself?

Saying no doesn’t mean no, it could just mean not yet – if you have a busy week and a friend wants to catch up just say ‘I have a busy week but how about next week? It would be great to catch up!’ you’re only human and you can’t be expected to do everything and anything.

Saying no means making yourself happy as opposed to making others happy.

Saying no means having the power to stand up for yourself as opposed to going with the crowd.

I am guilty of saying yes too often too and I need to learn to embrace the power of ‘no’. We live in a world where yes comes out of our mouths too often and we forget to think about what’s really best for ourselves. I am a massive advocate for self care and looking after and listening to my body. This may make me seem unpopular at times but it has never ruined a friendship. So what’s the problem with the word ‘no’?

It seems too definitive – it seems like once we’ve said it we can’t go back from it. But we can. We can word it differently, we can be honest – true friends aren’t going to be annoyed or upset, they will be understanding, and if they aren’t then you deserve better.

When was the last time you said no? When was the last time you felt guilty because you said no?

I’m here to say you should not feel bad or guilty for saying no and never let it get to you.


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