Diary 008: 2019 – A Halfway Update

Hey guys,

Sorry about the radio silence on here for a little bit – I thought my life would calm down after finishing uni but it’s only sped up more!

As today is the middle of summer I thought I’d do a little halfway update to look back at the beginning of 2019 and look toward the rest of the year and create some (realistic goals).

Also, quickly can we just take a moment to be in shock at the fact that it’s the middle of the year. How did that happen?


Looking Back:

The start of this year has been very university orientated. I spent most of my time either working at the hotel 20-30 hours a week and the rest was spent writing my dissertation.

I am very happy to say that it was all worth it though as I am graduating next month with a first class honours and cannot wait for what doors will open from my degree.

I went away a little bit – Amsterdam, Paris, New York, Washington DC. All of these trips were amazing but I am now looking to just go away for sunshine and relax for a bit.

The Present:

I have just moved out of my student house in Falmouth which is strange as I have lived with the same girls for 3 years (except for one but it still feels like she’s been with us the whole time). It’s going to be very weird not living with them but each of us are graduating with amazing grades and going on to do great things so as much as I am sad I also couldn’t be happier. I am also doing some copywriting for the marketing department St Michaels Resort – the hotel I’ve worked at for almost two years. And I’ve realised it’s something I can see myself doing in the future.

Looking Forward:

In July I will be graduating, moving, and getting a job. Where? I am not sure yet but I now have some great experience and know what I want to do.

2019 started off with a lot of uncertainty – as much as this is still the case, I couldn’t be more positive about what is to come.

I am learning to live in the present and not worry too much about the future.

Obviously I will still be blogging and bringing you guys with me on my journey whatever that may be.

A couple of goals:

  • Finish my stage play
  • Work on my business every day
  • Move out
  • Get some great work experience – possibly a job
  • Go away at least once more

Happy Summer Solstice!!

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