Motivation Monday 005

Saying yes to opportunities

An opportunity recently came to me in which I was torn with what my response would be.

Would I say yes or no?

Today I wanted to talk about saying yes to opportunities and how that can impact your life in more ways than you could have first imagined (in a good way).

Saying yes means stepping out of your comfort zone, pushing yourself beyond your limits and achieving things you never thought you’d be able to do.

It means meeting you people and making friends with those who inspire, empower and motivate you everyday to reach your goals.

It means making the most of every opportunity you encounter, overcoming your insecurities and realising they were all in your mind.

It means beating fear. Saying yes can get your through failure, help you overcome rejection, criticism and embarrassment with a positive mindset.

It means there is a possibilities for new adventures, challenges and possibilities.

It means break boundaries and habits and the monotonous daily routine.

Saying yes might not make a significant difference to your life tomorrow, it may not even make a difference within a week, month or year. But then when saying yes to that opportunity takes your life in a direction you never thought it would go in.

Saying no may be easier, but if you say yes and look back on that decision in the future, I can guarantee you will be happy and proud that you made the choice you did.


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