2 0 1 8 – L O O K I N G B A C K

I was originally going to post this before christmas and take a break over christmas and new year then return this week with what will now be next week’s post. Sounds confusing but I had a lot of work which just got the better of me in the end and then I still decided to take a break for christmas and I’m really glad I did because now I am back and am feeling so much better than I did before. But anyway, I thought I’d share with you my look back at 2018 and how I got on with my resolutions for last year, I know Wednesday isn’t my normal upload day but I wanted to give you guys something before you began to lose faith in me. Next week everything will go back to normal! 

This post is going to be split up into various sections from my beauty favourites for the year to my most played songs so grab yourself a cup or tea because this is going to be a long one! 


I thought I’d start this post like I started the new year: with travel. In January I went skiing with my dad for a weekend and had the best time. I am very fortunate to be able to travel as much as I do however I do try and save up a lot to pay for the trips. I have travelled a lot this year, from megeve in January, Barbados in February, Amsterdam in April, Budapest in May, New York in June and finally Cape Verde in September and as the saying goes ‘a picture says a thousand words” so thought I’d just share a couple of photos from each trip instead of going on… 

Most Memorable Moments 

Many of my most memorable moments of 2018 were during my travels, for example Barbados was the first time I had been to the caribbean in over 10 years and seeing as my family are originally from there I loved soaking up my families culture while I was out there. 2018 was the year I went away with the man I love and we have plenty more trips planned for when I’m finished with Uni and I can’t wait to make more memories with him. 

Another memorable moment for me was getting to see my favourite band The Gaslight Anthem back in July in London with Jake. If you follow me on instagram or read my tattoos and piercings blog post you’ve probably seen the quote I have tattooed on my forearm which are lyrics to one of their songs. This was an amazing night for me as I not only got to see them live after they went on hiatus, it was also on of their last gigs and I got to go with Jake who got me right to the front which was amazing. 

Just before christmas I uploaded a response post titled: ‘This is me’ which is one of my favourite posts to date. It hasn’t done as well as other posts I’ve uploaded but the reason behind it meant so much to me. The photo shoot I did with one of my friends Georgia was an amazing experience and I think it was the first step in me beginning to accept myself. 

2018 Beauty Favourites 

If you read my favourites posts you’ll know I talk about the same products over and over again. And these are my favourite products this year. I have decided to whittle it down to one product in each category (serum, moisturiser, cleanser etc.) and honestly, if I was only able to use these products for the year, I would. 

For cleansers my 2018 favourite has to be the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel because no matter what cleansers I try I would always mention this product for various reasons. Its one of those cleansers which ticks all the boxes for me: I can use it both as a morning cleanser and evening cleanser, it smells amazing, its a gel-to-oil consistancy which leaves no residue or makes your skin feel dry or stripped, easily removes make up and it contains fruit enzymes which brighten the skin, reduce redness, cleans and purifies pores and have many more benefits. 

My favourite toner had to be the Pixi Glow Tonic as, much like the oskia cleanser, I just always go back to it. It’s gentle and effective and is extremely good value for how much product you get if you compare it to other toners. I’ve also never heard or read any bad reviews on this so if you’ve never tried this its time you did! 

My favourite serum was The Ordinary’s Niacinamide which I think I discovered at the beginning of the year after hearing about it through youtube. This stuff worked wonders on my blackheads as, even though I don’t have really bad skin, it gets congested easily around my nose and occasionally on my chin. 

Dermalogica’s skin smoothing cream was without a doubt my favourite moisturiser. I’m trying to make the most of it but I am literally at the end of the tube now. It’s just an all round great moisturiser which leaves my skin feeling hydrated and happy. 

Finally for skincare, the Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil was my favourite oil for the year. It smells great, doesn’t leave my skin looking too greasy or oily and did a great job in the colder months of keeping my skin hydrated. 

For my hair I fell in love with L’Oreal’s Low Shampoo for coloured hair and now it is the only thing I use when washing my hair. It smells great, leaves no residue, cleans your hair without stripping it and is a really affordable product which I want everyone to use! After bleaching my hair I had to use a lot of hair masks and my favourite one for the year was the Kristin Ess hair mask which, even though I didn’t discover until the end of the year, is one of the best hair masks I’ve ever tried mainly due to the fact that you can leave it on your hair a long time when normally you’d need to wash a mask out before 20 minutes. 

Updated resolutions

  1. Write every day – does writing a to-do list count? If not then sadly this one was not accomplished. I didn’t realise how little time I allow myself to write just because I love to write. I need to actually try and do this one this year to remind myself of why I write.
  2. Learn to accept the things I can’t control – Again, I did struggle with this one last year but I am trying to remind myself to let it go as hard as that may be. 
  3. Film one second every day – A massive love of mine is filming and editing videos together and I did it a lot in first year however did not do it at all in second so this one was a massive fail! I do however want to create a video of my final term at Falmouth and in Cornwall in general so am going to try and succeed this year.
  4. Enjoy the moment – This one kinda fits with the previous resolution in a weird way. When looking back at the videos I filmed in first year I savoured every moment from chilling in the flat to exploring Falmouth for the first time. Even at the beginning of this year whenever I drove home from my boyfriends house I would see the sea and just take a minute to be grateful but I recently realised I have stopped doing this. When I filmed videos I’d look back at them and be grateful and I feel like without that I stopped thinking about the present and spent too much time thinking about the future which I need to stop a little bit. Thinking about the future is good, but when you stop enjoying the moment you need to look at your priorities.
  5. Stop giving a sh*t – This one I need to work on a little bit. I am naturally a person who is too worried about keeping everyone else happy all the time as opposed to myself and putting my needs first. 2019 is the year for this although only for the things that don’t matter so I can put my time and energy into the things that do matter. 
  6. Don’t get caught up in everything all the time – I feel like this one got put into action during the second half of the year, much like number 5 it is an instinct to get caught up in things when I really should just move on. I’m working on it and getting better so this one is continuing into the new year. 
  7. Read 1-2 books a month – Did not happen but I am getting better. I think I aimed too high and when I couldn’t do it I just gave up completely as I felt like I had to do it rather than wanting to do it. This year I’ve given myself a list of 20 books to read over the course of the year as opposed to fitting them in each month which I think will work out better. 
  8. Join the gym again – I was so proud of myself in 2018 for joining the gym and getting into a good routine and falling in love with this class called Body Pump. However, unfortunately I suffered from a shoulder injury in September and since then haven’t been going to the gym and not only has my physical wellbeing suffered from this but also my mental wellbeing as I just don’t feel as good in myself as I did when I was going to the gym almost every day in the summer. My shoulder is almost healed an I’m actually going to the gym for the first time today so even though I need to take it slow I can’t wait to feel happy within myself again. 
  9. Focus on myself – With this one I feel like I kind of accomplished it and I also didn’t, much like with joining the gym, I was really focussing on myself and my wellbeing when I was going to the gym but when I injured myself I fell out of the habit of focusing on me and how I was doing so this year I’d really like to try and focus on me a bit more too.
  10. Enjoy being young – Again this one I’m still working on. Sometimes I forget to just have fun sometimes, I focussed on uni and work too much at one point that I was incredibly unsociable and I just stopped having fun. Because of this I wasn’t happy and I felt like I was letting everyone down so I really want to enjoy being young this year and enjoy uni life before I have to settle down and focus for the second half of 2019.
  11. Think about my spending – This one I succeeded at the end of the year and have managed to put together a little bit of savings which I will continue to add to throughout this year.
  12. Get another tattoo – I actually got 4 tattoos this year. Well 3 and then added on to one. I wasn’t planning on this but I am so happy I did it and do not regret it. If you wanna have a look at my tattoos then check out this post.
  13. Spend more time with friends and family – When I went home for Christmas, I was in Amersham for a week before heading down to Cornwall, I realised that that week was the longest amount of time I spent at home in the whole of the year. Which really isn’t much and there were lots of points when I felt extremely homesick and really missed my family. But I did have my friends here around me during those times which made me feel a lot better. However, I want to make it a priority to spend a little bit more time at home this year.
  14. Appreciate those who love me unconditionally – 2018 was the year I realised how much my mum means to me and this is due to a lot of things. There was one point when I was ringing her everyday and I don’t know if that’s just because of what I previously mentioned and the homesickness, or just because she’s my mum but I’ve really learnt to appreciate those who love me a lot and am really happy that I have done.
  15. Stop Procrastinating – The beginning of third year was the time I began to get organised and stop procrastinating when I needed to get things done. I planned my weeks and as a result I finished my assignments early, worked a lot more than I probably should have as a student and upload onto jessiecrescent weekly. This is a big one for me as I was always a big procrastinator so am glad I’ve finally overcome this hurdle.
  16. Take every opportunity to travel and write – As you can see above, I travelled a lot this year, and every opportunity that arose to travel I took. Writing on the other hand I became pretty slack with. This resolution is another that will continue into 2019 but with a bit more focus on writing.
  17. Get back into the splits – Sadly a massive fail for this one! I don’t think I even stretched or tried. But again I might try and do this one this year.
  18. Create a positive attitude – I went into 2018 unhappy and I have come out a much better person with a positive attitude. I was such a different person at the beginning of the year but I would say I’ve changed for the better and am really glad I did.

Top Songs

Is it just me who loves when spotify releases your top songs playlist and you go through it and remember various songs from throughout the year? Obviously I’m not going to share all 100 songs with you but included a photo that I got from spotify, sharing my top artists, top songs, and my top genre. 


Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s post where I’ll share my resolutions for the new year! xx

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