This Is Me: A Response

This is me.  Me on a normal day, the real me without tensing my stomach or breathing in.  I have a little belly, and even though she’s not the ‘ideal body’ set by media standards, she is me.  And it’s about time we start accepting that.

These were the first words I read on Katie Snooks blog post I stumbled upon at a time when I was struggling a little bit with my relationship with my body and body confidence. 

Once I had read Katie’s post about Embracing our Bodies, I thought a lot about myself. What am I hiding from everyone online that they should see to accept themselves more? Why am I worried about these kinds of things? How has social media manipulated us into thinking that we aren’t good enough?  

I have a belly! And curves in weird places that look like a muffin top if I’m not wearing high-waisted jeans. My body isn’t that ‘ideal body’ type Katie mentioned either, but the percentage of women who’s bodies are is a lot smaller than we think and there is nothing wrong with those women, but there is also nothing wrong with the rest of our bodies. I’ve realised we need to embrace our insecurities because that’s who we are. So today I wanted to write this post as a response to Katie’s in order to spread a little bit more body positivity. 

In the past I have posted photos on Instagram of me in a bikini. But behind that one photo uploaded is at least 20 rejected photos because I wasn’t sucking in enough, or my thighs looked too big, or you could see my cellulite. I thought posting photos like that would make me happy but they don’t. They make me feel guilty that I feel the need to hide certain things about myself. So enough is enough, I’m tired of hiding behind a heavily filtered photo, I’m tired of being insecure, I’m tired of not accepting my own body because I’m not slim, or sporty, or toned. 

You may have remembered my tattoos and piercings post from a couple of weeks ago that was photographed by my friend Georgia who studies Press & Editorial Photography here in Falmouth. Before the photoshoot was when I read Katie’s blog post and I thought whilst I was in the studio I would strip down and embrace my own body. So this is me. Unfiltered and baring it all. 

Thank you Katie for giving me the confidence to post something like this. We did not take numerous photos during the shoot, most of the shots used in this post were the first photo taken and that’s okay. Because it’s time to be true to who you are and be okay with that. 

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