Diary 006: A Half Way Update

Halfway through my final year and no idea what the future holds…

Today is the day! I am finished with the first semester of my final year meaning I am halfway through my final year of university.

Two modules are finished and currently being graded and two modules are yet to come. The latter modules will also be the final modules I study as an undergraduate – one of them being my dissertation which is a little nerve wracking to say the least. Nevertheless, I wanted to spend a little bit more time today writing a classic rambly blog post filling you guys in on how everything went this term, and the fact that I have no idea what I’m going to do in the future! 

The past semester has been an amazing one and I have learnt so much. I got to take part in a module that is basically blogging – it really helped me come up with a lot of extra content for the blog and helped me learn a little bit more about the business side of things and publishing yourself as a lifestyle writer which I found very interesting and extremely helpful. For this module I had two assignments – the first was a presentation and the second I created a travel blog, Living Through Layovers, which was such an amazing learning curve both education wise and for this blog. My second module involved me completing a work placement so that threw me into the real working world within the creative industry and increased my motivation to apply for internships for when I graduate.

What kind of internship I’d like to apply for is one thing I am still unsure of. I know that I’d like to work within the marketing / social media / content / editorial area however I want to try out various creative industries before I settle for one job. This is why I’ve decided to apply for internships or post graduate placements at a few companies that I’ve had my eye on for a while within publishing houses and the film industry.  

With uni finished, I have a couple more shifts at work before I go back home for christmas and I can’t wait to have a week or two off before I get back into the swing of things again in the new year. 

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