Skincare 002

For today’s post I thought it was time to update you all on the skincare I am currently using and loving. The last time I uploaded a post about my skincare routine was back in August and it was a Summer Round Up so I thought I’d do a winter round up for you today. I will say now though that my skin doesn’t drastically change with the seasons, I’ve just added a couple of extra products and swapped a few out. 


Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

In the morning I like to start by cleansing my face however sometimes if I’m running late I’ll just splash it with hot water. The cleanser I have been using in the morning has not changed since the summer, it’s the glossier milky jelly cleanser which I still don’t massively love much like I said before – I like it and my skin gets on well with it but it doesn’t wow me like my evening cleanser does every time I use it. 

Glossier Solution

Next up I use the glossier solution as a toner, which I have fallen in love with! It makes my skin tingle a little bit but I feel like that means it’s doing it’s job and my skin doesn’t show any signs of irritation from the tingling anyway.

Above: Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream | Below: Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer

My last step for the morning is my moisturiser. I ran out of the dermalogica skin smoothing cream last month and even though I wanted to repurchase it straight away, I had moisturisers that needed using so I’m currently waiting to buy it again! The moisturiser I am using now is the Kiehl’s skin rescuer which is a stress-minimising daily hydrator and I love it. It feels very similar to the dermalogica moisturiser. It’s very light and as I’m a student and work a lot if it says it reduces the signs of stress then I am all for that! I just haven’t noticed it do that as of yet.. 

Sometimes if my skin is feeling tight after cleansing in the morning, before my moisturiser I will apply the hydraluron moisture jelly which is basically a gel that contains hyaluronic acid (aka the best hydrating acid ever). However this is not normally part of my daily skincare routine. 


Sarah Chapman Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse

I have fallen in love with my evening skincare routing now and I think that is all down to my love for the Sarah Chapman Skinesis ultimate cleanse cleanser. This stuff smells amazing! I love taking my time to cleanse in the evening with this stuff so I can just breath it in and relax a little bit. It also feels like it deeply cleanses without stripping your skin as my skin never feels dry after using this stuff. I was worried about spending so much on it and not liking it but I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who says they don’t like a Sarah Chapman product. 

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight facial 

The rest of my evening routine changes every other day. Some days after cleansing I’ll use the Sarah Chapman Skinesis overnight facial on its own, other nights I’ll use the Alpha-H Liquid Gold on its own. Both these products are designed to be used on their own so I don’t like to overload my skin with excess products if it’s not needed. Liquid gold I have been using for almost a year (maybe just over a year) and am constantly impressed with how much good it does for my skin and how smooth my skin feels the next morning. The overnight facial is a new product for me and, even though you can use it every day, I try and only use it every other day due to the price tag attached to it. It’s a really good product – my skin feels smoother and looks brighter when I wake in the morning however I can get over the smell 

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