My Tattoos and Piercings

Hey guys,

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week. I get a lot of questions on instagram about the piercings that I have and what my tattoos mean to me so I thought I’d address it all in a blog post for you. I currently have 20 piercings and 7 tattoos, I don’t like being tattooed on a whim (unlike piercings or dying my hair which I will just go for) as I know that they are on your body for life so I like to think for a good 3-6 months about what I want and where I want the placement and search tattoo artists as well as it is a big commitment and you need to find an artist who understands what you want.

Quick disclaimer, I get some people don’t like tattoos, my family aren’t massive fans either but I like my tattoos and I’d appreciate if you didn’t comment things about my choices or designs because, at the end of the day, they’re on my body, not yours, and I like the designs and the placements.

One more thing before I get into the tattoos and piercings, I consider myself to have a very high pain threshold as I sat for 2 and a half hours whilst getting my ribs tattooed and it honestly wasn’t painful so my pain ratings will be fairly low but everyone experiences pain differently so I can’t tell you how painful yours will be.

Finally onto what you’ve all clicked on this post to know – what piercings and tattoos I have! I’m going to start with piercings and do them in the order I got them in (if I can remember because when I started uni it was a bit of a blur) then will go onto tattoos.

All photographs were taken and edited by my very talented friend Georgia O’Callaghan who is a third year Press and Ed photography student at Falmouth university.


Obviously I have the typical lobe piercings, I got them done back when I was about 12 and they were the only piercings I had done with a gun.

When I turned 18 I got my second lobe piercings done and found out the piercer who did my firsts pierced them wonky (amazing) but the lady who did my seconds was lovely and pierced them even to the firsts so it didn’t look weird or out of proportion. I got my seconds pierced at a local barbers in my hometown of Amersham in Buckinghamshire and that is where I went on to get a couple of others before I moved away.

In September 2015 (the beginning of my year out after finishing my A levels) I got my first cartilage piercing – my forward helix. So many people would get their helix done and I wanted something I little different so thats what I got. Again I got it done at the barbers in town and it cost £25 (all cartilage piercings cost that much here) It was a weird sensation as I didn’t know what to expect but it didn’t hurt at all and the piercer, George, was lovely and talked me through everything.

This is where things get a little blurry with regards to the order I got my piercings and when I got them done. I think this is because I became a little bit obsessed and just wanted to get more and more. Throughout the rest of my year out I got one other forward helix piercing as well as getting my tragus piercing and my rook. Again I got all of these done by George at the Barbers and none of them hurt when getting pierced. However, getting the piercing into my rook was agony and when I look back now, having 20 piercings, that is the only one that has hurt at the time of getting the piercing. Again all these cartilage piercings cost £25.

I also had my inner conch done at Maria Tash in Liberty London on my year out and would happily get all my piercings done here if it wasn’t for the price tag. Again this piercing didn’t hurt and the guy who pierced both me and my friend shelley was lovely and as it was her first piercing (she got her forward helix) he kept her calm and talked through the process. I’ve not had any other piercings here (the piercing cost £35 and the jewellery was £95 – something no where else does is charge separately for the jewellery but I suppose Maria Tash earrings are gold as opposed to anything cheaper so thats understandable) but I would highly recommend them if you have that money to spend on piercings; I, however, as a student do not.

Finally we’re on to me moving down to Cornwall. Since moving just over two years ago I have had 12 piercings and let me say now I don’t remember the order I got most of them in until recently so I’m not necessarily going to write about them in order but I will talk about all of them. I’ve had them all done at the same place which is Davinia’s Body Piercing Studio and they have all been done by Lucy who is one of the loveliest ladies I’ve ever met. She’s so professional but also very friendly and reasonably priced which are the reasons I keep coming back to her. I also trust her to give her honest opinion on different piercings and she’s good at warning you with regards to which ones will take the longest to heal. The studio itself is in Truro located behind TK Maxx and I’ve noticed recently she has become a lot more popular so would recommend sending her a message one Facebook to book an appointment if you’re set on getting a piercing done by her. She is also open for walk-ins and the most I’ve ever had to wait is 15 minutes. The studio is also very clean and Lucy only pierces with a needle (or has only used needles for the piercings I’ve had done). So now onto the piercings I have had done by the wonderful Lucy.

The first one I got done at Lucy’s I believe was my nose piercing which I got done with a stud. This one was very painless until I tried to get a ring into it. It was fully healed however my choice of ring (an open circle which you have to put in from the inside of the nose) was difficult to get into the hole at the time. Eventually I did it and I can now do it without even looking.

I then got some more lobe piercings and a helix piercing (so 3 in one session) I got my thirds done and had another a bit further up the ear but I’m not sure if it counts as cartilage. I later went on to fill up that ear with 3 further piercings and once they had healed changed them to thin rings with I think look very delicate with regards to cartilage piercings. These didn’t hurt however I’m not sure what it is about the helix for me but they took a long time to heal! I’ve had them for maybe a year to a year and a half and one of them is still a bit dodgy (as you can see in the photo it has a little bump on it) but its not painful and as I’ve had piercings since I keep cleaning them regularly. I did have a helix piercing on my other ear once but that would not heal at all and the stud fell out once so I let it close up. Apart from my helix piercings I’ve never had issues with regards to healing. I also had a third forward helix piercing done by her and they are now all fully healed and have silver studs in them. Again I think these look really pretty and due to my baby hairs, they’re the piercings people don’t always see on first glance.

Earlier this year I got my septum pierced which still sometimes flare up when I have to tuck it in for work. If I keep it out though its absolutely fine. When I first got it pierced I did keep it tucked up because I had heard that if you flip it in and out too much it doesn’t have nice results (please do not google photos of septum piercing gone wrong if you’re squeamish). I thought it was going to be really painful to pierce but Lucy explained that cartilage is a lot tougher and for the septum they find the ‘squidgy’ bit inside your nose so it was actually one of the least painful of the lot!

I then went for one probably less talked about, my nipple. Not many people know about it but I thought since I’m sharing all my piercings and tattoos I’m not going to lie about one just because some people don’t believe in it. I got my nipple pierced at the end of August (the same time I got my most recent tattoo and bleached my hair) and did it completely on a whim. I mean I had wanted to get it done since before I started uni but my sensible self kept saying no, until one day in truro I just thought f**k it! I’m gonna get my nipple pierced and no one can say otherwise! And I did it, just like that. I got it pierced by Lucy again who kept me at ease the whole time and was the perfect mix of professional and funny. The only thing I regret is why I hadn’t done it sooner. Healing wise its been quite good, I know not to mess around with any gunk/crust forming around it (gross I know sorry but its true) and I have been cleaning it with salt water 1-2 times a day (more so after I first got it done). The best way I’ve found to clean it is put your salt water in a shot glass and leave it on your nipple for around 5-10 minutes. It looks weird but who’s going to see that anyway? Unless you are like me and live with three girls who have all seen me like this! 2 months later and it isn’t healed yet, these bad boys take 6-12 months to heal so don’t get it done if you’re impatient, but it looks really nice and it is doing well – I haven’t had any infections and I think it’s a nice little secret to have something like that done. Also it cost £25.

Finally my most recent piercing is the anti-tragus. I wanted to get my snug but due to other piercings it would look odd or over cluttered so we went for anti-tragus or just off of it. When I went to Lucy asking for this she told me it would take a long time to heal but that didn’t really put me off and so we went ahead a did it. This one hurt in the same way the rook did – it hurt getting the piercing in as its in such an awkward position but so far its doing well. I need to go back to get a shorter barbell put in soon but when it heals I want to get a small ring put in as I think it’ll look really pretty and delicate


Now onto tattoos. I remember the feeling when I had my first one done! Saying I’m only getting a little one and then that was it. But, much like piercings, that didn’t happen. I also said I would never get lyrics tattooed on me during my second tattoo, and then how I wouldn’t get flowers tattooed on my arm. But I’m getting ahead of myself, all I’m saying is I’ve said a lot of things but have completely gone back against them!

The first tattoo I ever got was back in December 2015 just after I worked at Thorpe Park during their Fright Nights. I went to Gloucester for the night with my friends Shelley, Laura and Izzy and that afternoon all of us apart from Laura got little tattoos that meant something to us. I opted for a little crescent moon on my hip – on that could be hidden by my underwear or my bikini so you’d never see it unless you knew me that well or I showed you. I don’t remember it hurting that much, as you can see its just an outline and took about 5 minutes and cost me about £30 but I remember comparing it to epilating your bikini line (as odd as that is!). Let’s just say it was a nice little secret for a while until March 2016 when I wanted to go bigger. This is also where the name jessicrescent came from.

Next up is the mandala I have on my ribs, a two and a half hour sitting in the most uncomfortable position you could think of. This one I got done at Woody’s in high Wycombe. I didn’t book in for this tattoo I walked in asking if Priddy was available (someone who’s work I had been looking at for a while) I spoke to him about what I wanted – a half mandala shaped around my ribs and let him do the rest. I wasn’t really worried about it hurting and honestly it didn’t, the only annoying thing was my arm kept going dead! Now over 2 years down the line I still love it every time I look at it and it’s lasted very well. I’m debating adding to it but not too sure yet.

Next up is the quote on my arm which I had done last September by Joelle at Shaded Lady in Falmouth. The quote is from my favourite song by The Gaslight Anthem and I just like it because I’m a writer and the quote ‘every word handwritten’ just works for me. It didn’t take too long and wasn’t painful either. Joelle was really lovely as well and I’d highly recommend her if you’re in Falmouth and want to get tattooed.

My next tattoo was also done by her and this one again as you can see is on my arm as well. I got this done in January this year after Joelle had a last minute cancellation. I love Joelle because I gave her my idea and she came up with a design and altered it to my liking beforehand so when I came in on the day we were ready to go. Again this wasn’t too bad however at some points it felt like she was tattooing my armpit but the pain quickly subsided and I am really happy with how this one turned out as well.

Next up we have the unalome on the back of my ankle which I got done in Newquay at the drunken sailor tattoo parlour by Jonny who tattooed my boyfriend a week prior to me getting this tattoo. In Jakes tattoo was a very small unalome and I knew I wanted Jonny to tattoo one on me so I messaged them and within the week had not just one design but two tattoo designs for me which I then went and got done for a total of £55. Obviously the first is the unalome which I love and jonny was very light handed and got the placement perfect and the second tattoo I got done that day was the small on in the middle of the mandala on my ribs. I like this because it looks a bit like the zodiac sign for aries (which is what I am) but it’s not too out there or obvious. Again Jonny I would highly recommend and he’s so lovely and is a great artist.

Finally my most recent tattoo you might have seen in an instagram of mine. This one was the impulse that I got around the same time as my nipple piercing and hair bleaching and it is a palm tree on the back of my arm. I got this done at Time and Tide by Justin who was so chilled out and funny. I was inspired by a tattoo he had done before although he altered it so it wasn’t the exact same and I really like it. It doesn’t really mean anything I just thought it looked cute and I love travelling and palm trees so thought it could signify that but nothing deep.

So that is everything for today! I have probably shared waaayyy too much so I will stop now but I hope you guys enjoyed this post and now know a little more about my tattoos and piercings.

Jess xx

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