Productive Mornings

Much like everyone else, I have gone through that phase of lying in bed all day being a moody bitch and just generally not giving a s**t!

For a while now, especially since being at uni, I have tried my hardest to change this and make the most of my mornings by making a habit of three things that make my mornings productive. Everyone is different so these might not work for you but anything is worth a shot when you need to get s**t done! I slowly want to do more but I thought three habits is a good amount to get started with.

No day is the same for me; some days I have a seminar in the morning then work straight away after until close – these days I struggle to get much else done. Other days I’ll have a day off from both uni and work and on those days I’ll spend my time prepping for classes, planning blog posts and going to the gym. No matter what the day holds for me though, I still try and stick to this routine otherwise I feel very unaccomplished then will just get into a rut.

Set a ‘get out of bed time’ Now, this one isn’t a wake up time, its the time I actually get out of bed no matter if I wake up 30 minutes before or 5 minutes before I always try and be out of bed by 8am every single day. Being a third year student and someone who works a lot I have to plan my time carefully and sadly this means lounging around in bed is a no go for me. To be honest though I don’t mind, getting out of bed by 8 means I have started a sort of routine for the morning which I haven’t had in the past 2 years of uni as I’d generally get up when I needed to. Obviously some days I work mornings and start at 8 which means I need to be up earlier but on those days I don’t plan much anyway. For a couple of months now I have been trying this and, even though some days are harder than others, generally I’m doing well. I’ll get up and make my bed, go downstairs making myself either a tea or coffee then go into the bathroom for my skincare routine. This means that by 8:15 at the latest I will be ready to start my day.

Bullet journal I have been trying to use my bullet journal a lot more recently. Especially trying to balance my work, uni and blog. I always like to plan my week on a Sunday evening then I have a clear idea in my head of what I want/need to achieve and how I’m going to get there. In the mornings once my skincare routine is out of the way I like to sit down at my desk with my coffee and go over what I need to do that day. This is one of my favourite parts of the mornings as I feel fresh-faced and calm before properly starting my day.

Go to the gym This may be an obvious one but I always find booking a gym class for the morning is waayyyy better than going in the evening! Although sometimes due to work and uni I am unable to do this but whenever I can I will do a morning gym class over an evening one. I don’t know what it is but once I’ve woken up, had my coffee going to the gym doesn’t seem as bad as it did 20 minutes ago when I was warm and curled up in bed. When I get back from the gym as well I’m more awake and motivated to do the things I need to do. For example, on the day of writing this I went to a body pump class this morning, then got ready for the day, have planned one of my assignments and written up this blog post and another one!

If you have a suggestion for how I can make my mornings more productive I’d love to know!

Jess xx

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