Writing 001

My Wild Flower,

I’ll always remember you the same, eyes like wild flowers, hair flowing like the waves. But maybe you were the ocean when I was just a stone. Cold and emotionless, until you’re with me. And darling you are with me, always around me. I promise I’ll hold it in so we can go dancing. After all, I do believe we’re only passing through.

I know sometimes I go to dark places. I tried to be bolder than the darkness, I tried my best to embrace the darkness in which I swim but sometimes I ended up drowning you instead. I want you to know that this is not what I wanted. For you are the best moment I have ever known. And when you laugh, you laugh like you’ve never been lonely. And when you’re with me, we stand as steady as the stars in the woods, so happy-hearted and warm. We forget the rest of the world, just us and our weightless souls.

I know it sounds selfish but when I found you, all I was searching for was me. I had been worrying that my time is a little unclear. I had been worrying that I was losing the ones I hold dear. I had been worrying that we all live our lives in the confines of fear. Then I saw you and I thought to myself: Has the world gone mad? Or is it me? But it was you. It was always you and there was never a question about it.

So darling I’ll grow weary, happy still with just the memory of your face. And the time we first met; hot sand on toes, cold sand in sleeping bags. I’ve come to know that memories were the best things you ever had. So I gave you memories, and those memories made us one. The summer shone, beating down on our bony backs. We were so far from home where the ocean stood, down dust and pinecone tracks. These were my good times, your good times, our good times.

Then things went bad. I spent my time watching the spaces that have grown between us. We lost faith, in the arms of love, in the arms of each other. Love, my invincible friend, how can anything compare?

You said something to me once, not long after we met; a quote, something my mother would say at night when I couldn’t sleep. You told me not to depend on tomorrow, cause tomorrow can sometimes let you down. When you said that to me I knew that, like me, you were an in-the-moment person. You had so many words I forget where we were apart from together.

I wonder if I ever cross your mind. For me it happens all the time. Maybe you were free, before my blackened wing covered you and I took the sing from your song. I made a bed where you don’t belong. But I need you to know I loved you, and I still do. I thought we had forever. But you didn’t want to live that way, reading into every word I would ever say. I don’t blame you, the screams all sound the same.

I just ask one thing of you. I ask you to keep your mind set, keep your hair long, keep your head up and, more important than anything else, keep your heart strong. For I don’t think this is the end, but if I was to ever leave, I’d say before I go that you’re the best moment I’ve ever known.

Your Echoed Stone

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