May Favourites

I honestly can’t believe we’re already at the end of May, almost half way through 2018!

I thought I’d do a classic blog post today sharing my favourites for the past month with you. These were also some of the products I took to Budapest with me so you’d probably guess I can’t live without them! In the past I have mainly had these blog posts beauty related but I thought I’d try and add a few lifestyle and fashion favourites in there too.


Seeing as I try and stick to the same routine, my skincare doesn’t really change for month to month but I thought I’d give a mention to the products I took away with me as they are things I really cannot live without.

Pixi Glow Tonic This one probably bores you now as I go on about it so much but I honestly love it! If you haven’t got it yet I urge you to jump on the bandwagon as it is definitely worth it. I’m almost finished with my third bottle (I think, I’ve lost count) and can’t fault it

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 More products I’ve gone on about in previous blog postsbut they are just that good! The niacinamide product is just one of those ones I slap on now without even thinking about it. It’s really helped with the congestion around my nose and, although I don’t have a massive problem with breakouts (apart from the odd hormonal one) I’ve heard from friends that have purchased this because of me says it really helps. My skin doesn’t produce as much sebum in my t-zone anymore either. One thing I grew particularly conscious of during long shifts at work. Hyaluronic acid is just a constant must for me. I have used it in various products since I was about 17/18 and I just don’t think I could live without it anymore. I am trying to drink more water at the moment but this product is one I can put on my whole face and neck and not worry about my skin feeling tight. I also tend to find that when I use these two often enough, I don’t need to wear moisturiser.

Hairburst chewable hair vitamins In April I saw these in Boots and, since I’m trying to grow my hair out at the moment, thought I should just take the plunge and spend £20 on what seemed at the time a gimmicky product. One month on and having finished the supply I can honestly say I’ve noticed a massive difference, not with my hair though, with my nails. I have always had really weak nails and after having acrylics really brittle nails that would snap making a bed (no really that’s genuinely how I broke a nail) but one day, about two weeks into taking the supplements, I suddenly noticed how strong my nails were. This is the only thing I can think of that has changed that could improve them. I’m thinking of taking the plunge and buying the three month supply and see if I can actually noticed a difference in my hair this time but if you’re trying to grow out your nails, I’d definitely recommend these. Plus, they’re chewable and taste nice!

CND Shellac in Rubble and Field Fox Since my nails are now strong and actually look nice I’ve started doing them myself again. Last year I bought an LED lamp along with top and base coat and some shellac colours so I could do my nails myself at home and save a bit of money. I have been loving the CND shades in Rubble and Field Fox recently – the first a dark grey and the latter a pinky nude. If you love getting your nails done but can’t fork out the money so regularly then go onto amazon and just buy everything then you can do it yourself!


Since I can’t narrow things down, this is just going to be all the other things I’ve been enjoying throughout the month of May. This includes Instagrammers, Places, TV Shows, Blogs and everything in between.

Instagram I’ve been loving a couple of new accounts this month as, since finishing uni, all I want to do is travel and when following these accounts its hard not to get the travel bug. Some of my favourites are @missmmeeke @harrison @thelayoverlife and others not so travel related @stylelobster @lucyhale @inthefrow and @taylorparx I’ve included some of their photos below for you to check out. Yes, most of them are bloggers but they inspire me nonetheless.

YouTube Some of my favourite youtubers this month have been SunBeamsJess as, even though she hasn’t uploaded much, I’ve been watching her old vlogs when she was in South Africa and Hong Kong a couple of years ago (can you tell I’ve been into travelling yet). I’ve also been loving HelloOctobers vlogs as they have also been full of travel and new tattoos. I love how much Suzie has upped her content recently and, although I am slightly envious, I am very inspired by this woman.

Places Of course, Budapest was one of my favourites this month but I dedicated a whole post to it so I wont talk about it more on this one. Since I’m now finished with uni and am just working full time at the hotel, I have been loving days off spent on the beach. The other day I went kayaking and it just made me realise how lucky I am to be in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK. Over the summer I plan on really utilising this and making the most out of where I live as this is the only summer I’ll get down here before I graduate.

Netflix This one is a given, obviously, but I have a lot on my watchlist to get through this summer. The fourth season of iZombie is currently releasing episodes on a weekly basis and even though I don’t have time to watch them that regularly, when I do have time, I make sure I give myself a couple of hours to catch up. I’ve been watching this show since it first came out and love it. It’s recently been announced that the fifth season will be the last which is sad but I can’t wait to see what they do with it. Seeing as the newest season of Love Island comes out on Monday I have been rewatching the older seasons as they are finally on Netflix. I also watched Annihilation which is up on Netflix after I read the book earlier this year. The film is not what I was expecting but it’s really good, if you liked the book or are into sci-fi/horror then this film is definitely one for you. Another show I’ve been watching is the second season of Thirteen Reasons Why. This show is heavily talked about due to the subjects it contains but after watching the first season and reading the book I wanted to give this season a chance. I’m only on the third episode but I really like it so far.

Books Now I haven’t been reading as much as I have wanted to recently. I think this is because I’m trying to make the most of my life and I’ve been working a lot but I picked up the book Blame by Jeff Abbott and have really enjoyed it so far. I’m currently about 130 pages in and am hoping to finish it by next week then aim to read 1-2 books a month.

What are some of your favourites from this month?

Jess xx

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  1. Great post! I love reading and watching Monthly Favorites posts at the end of each month😊


    1. Me too, I love seeing what other people have been into xx


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