Budapest Travel Diary 2018

If you checked out my finishing uni and plans for summer post, or follow me on Instagram, you’ll know myself and my boyfriend recently took a trip to Budapest for 4 days. By recent I mean we got back yesterday evening so I’m impressed I actually have this post up right now!

Before getting there, I was worried as the forecast didn’t look too good but it turned out really good (kinda like England right now) and today I wanted to share with you guys a couple of photos and some places we went to/ate at that you must go to if you’re ever in this beautiful city.

Day 1: On the first day our flight landed at about 11:45 meaning we didn’t get to the hotel until around 1. We stayed at the Mercury Budapest City Centre which is literally situated in the centre of the city with everything you have to do within walking distance. It such a lovely hotel at a very good price, definitely somewhere I’d recommend. Once we had checked in and left our bags in the room we decided to go out, grab some food and have a little explore. First stop was food as we were starving and we just stopped at the first place we saw. It was very overpriced compared to other places we ate however I will not name it. After filling our bellies we took a walk along the chain bridge over to Buda (Budapest is two cities separated by a river, we stayed on the Pest side) and took a walk up to the castle. It was very hot – something we weren’t prepared for – and we were sweating! Still, it was worth it when we were up there. Later on we went out to Ramenka for dinner which, if you like ramen, is a must. The ramen was tasty, you got massive portions and for two ramens, one side of gyoza and two beers we paid £17 which, compared to Wagamama is about half price!

Day 2: Now that we had our bearings, we had a vague plan of what we wanted to do today. After waking a little later than planned and having rushed breakfast, we showered and got ready to set off for the day. It was raining at the start and we went to do a little shopping but by about midday the blue skies began shinning through the clouds. We took a stroll to the Central Market Hall which is filled with local food stalls and was lovely to wander round. We wanted to buy some lunch but it was very busy when we were there so decided to go round the corner and have a beer at Cafe Mezze (happy hour is from 10-4 and each beer was 300 HUF) then we went back and filled our stomachs. In the afternoon we decided to walk to the House of Terror and learn a little bit about the communist dictatorship not too long ago, it was quite a haunting tour when you’re down in the cellar where some prisoners were tortured and murdered. After that depressing tour we walked back towards the centre and walked up Gellert Hill to see the Liberty Statue and see Budapest from above. Again it was very hot but definitely worth it when you get to the top to witness for yourself some breathtaking views. A couple more beers later we decided to check out a burger chain nearer the hotel. Again it was such great value – two burgers and fries, and drinks for £13. Plus the burgers were really good and filling, I’d definitely recommend this place if you’re a burger fan looking for some good value food.

Day 3: My brother decided to surprise us and fly out to Budapest for the day and join us which was really nice. We had booked tickets to the Szechenyi baths so we met him there and spent the majority of the afternoon drinking beer and hopping in and out of the baths. They were so warm which was great as the weather was more cloudy today than it had been other days. After getting back to the hotel and showering we went out to Jamie’s Pizzeria for some food and checked out a couple of the ruin bars – a must when you’re in the city. We went to Kuplung which had too many cocktails to count and then Fogas Ház és Kert. This one was massive and, even though the menu had very little to choose from, there were so many areas to check out such as the main courtyard, a small club in the building next to it and an underground club. I’d definitely recommend Fogas to anyone wanting to check out the nightlife in Budapest as this place is open until 6am.

Day 4: On our last day we needed to be at the airport by about 4 so we decided to just chill in the airport in the morning (plus the boys were slightly hungover) then walk down to the general market hall for some food and to pick up some presents for family.

Budapest is a great city to have a short break in with amazing architecture as well as a buzzing nightlife. We booked the trip through and paid a great price for the hotel and flights. Beers were cheap and if you looked in the right places you could get food for a reasonable price as well.

Is Budapest on your bucket list? If you’ve been let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Jess xx

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