Diary 002: Finishing Second Year and Goals For Summer

On Monday at midday, I walked out of uni with no more deadlines hanging over my head. I have finally finished second year and now have 4 and a half months ahead of me to chill before starting my final year. I missed last weeks blog post due to wanting to get all my assignments finished but from now you will be getting a larger variety of content weekly. Today I wanted to update you all on my time in second year and my goals/plans for summer.

This year has flown by! At falmouth we only have two semesters (September to December and January to April/May) and in that time I have completed six modules, furthering my knowledge in the writing industry. Last term I studied Poetry, Screenwriting and a module known as Writing Project I (in which you have to complete a collaborative project to prepare you for being a writer in the real work). I was so excited for poetry however it quickly turned into my least favourite module and, since getting my results back, I haven’t written a poem. This was something which got me down a lot at the beginning of my second semester as I honestly thought I wasn’t good enough. I took on a challenge of writing confessional poetry and it got thrown back in my face. Wondering if I was good enough as a writer.

I had always said to myself if this course stops me from writing or makes me not enjoy writing then I will drop out and, in all honesty, I got pretty close to that earlier this year. My confidence was knocked massively and I don’t think some of the lecturers realise how much students look up to them and when something like this happens, you feel worthless as a writer. Luckily I started blogging regularly again and got my work out to other people who kept me going and believed in me. I still haven’t written any poetry and don’t think I will for a while but I have found more strengths in other styles of writing

I fell in love with screenwriting in the first semester, I don’t know if this was due to my lecturer who challenges you yet also gives you credit and shows you where your strengths are. I had John Finnegan for this module and honestly could not have had a better lecturer. This love for writing scripts carried on into the second semester when I began the Writing for Radio and Theatre module. Those of you who have followed me from the beginning will know one of my biggest passions is acting, having performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival twice and at theatres in London. Within this module I had to write a portfolio containing both theatre and radio scripts and, whilst I wasn’t happy with the podcast I created, I couldn’t get enough of the theatre scripts. I am very heavily inspired by Sarah Kane and writing a script in her style is what I think saved me after my poetry slump. I could also get back in the mind of when I was acting which made this module my favourite of semester two.

The other modules were Writing Project II and Fiction. Similar to the first writing project, I had to come up with an idea for a piece and ‘pitch’ it. I did this back in February and thought I had messed up! However I looked at my results yesterday and got a 2:1 which I am thrilled about. Then for fiction we had to create a portfolio for one assignment and, for the other, submit a piece for publication and then create a publishing strategy presentation to present to the class. I have always felt comfortable writing short stories so this module I was very confident with. However I could say the same for poetry last term. Oh well, I’m done now and we’ll find out how I did on the 18th May.

Now, enough on the past let’s move on to my plans and goals for summer.

I plan on staying down in Falmouth for the majority of summer as I didn’t get to last year and will not get a chance next year. I also have a good job down here so plan on working a lot and saving money as well.

My boyfriend and I are going to Budapest in a couple of weeks which I can’t wait for! It’s very difficult spreading my time between work, uni, him and my closest girlfriends so I can’t wait for a bit of time away in a beautiful (and cheap) city I’ve never been to. Expect a blog post and lots of instagrams coming your way!

My sister and I are then going to New York shortly after and I think it’s safe to say I’m very excited. I’ve always wanted to visit the big apple and have a massive list of things I want to do whilst I’m there. And I’m finally 21 and my sister has a couple of rooftop bars she wants to take me to. Again, expect your instagram feeds to be bombarded!

Those are the majority of my plans for summer and now I have a couple of goals:

Finish Broken Addiction: Broken Addiction is one of the stage plays I began to write for my Radio and Theatre portfolio and over the summer I would like to finish it and show it to Sam Wellsted, my old drama teacher and founder of JAM Productions (the drama group I performed in Edinburgh with). It has become a massive goal of mine to either perform and the fringe again or take my own show up and I think with the help of Sam I can achieve this.

Watch the entire Star Wars Series: This one is mainly for my dad and my boyfriend as they’re both Star Wars obsessed. They want me to watch all the Star Wars films and since I’m done with uni work I thought I’d have a bit more time to achieve this over the summer, let’s hope its worth it!

Get Fit: I’ve finally joined my work’s gym (St Michael’s hotel and spa in Falmouth) and paid for a six months membership so I actually have the inventive to go. I plan on going at least three times a week in order to get toned and be more confident with my body. Myself and a girl I work with plan on going together in order to motivate each other and that’s exactly what we’ve done this week! We pushed each other that little bit further and I’m actually really excited to get back into gymming again after not going for almost a year.

Plan My Dissertation: As I’m going into third year, I will have the dreaded dissertation to complete. Mine is due in the second term but I plan on coming up with a couple of ideas over the summer. I know I’d like to do either a screenplay or stage play so the summer means coming up with possible plots and character portfolios so I have a solid idea in my head when I start again in September.

What are your plans for summer and do you have any goals you want to achieve?

Jess xx

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  1. O.M.G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your idea!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Could you please maybe visit my blog and tell me what you think of my posts??? It would mean a lot!!


    1. Of course! I love discovering new blogs x


      1. Oh thank you! That’s be really cool!


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