Let’s get personal: 21 Facts about me

I have a couple of reasons for writing today’s blog post: first, I turned 21 last week, second, I have recently re-designed my blog and finally I have created a Facebook page. The latter two reasons go towards to goal to grow my readership and become more committed to Jessiecrescent. When I read a new blog I like to know a little bit about the blogger so what better way to learn things than a couple of facts.

Also, I still can’t believe I’m now 21, this year has flown by so fast – I’m almost finished my second year of uni and will soon be looking for placements and writing dissertation proposals – it’s kinda scary. Enough with my quarter life crisis…


1. I am half English, quarter Irish and quarter Caribbean

2. I am a second year student studying a BA honours in Creative Writing at Falmouth University

3. I cannot be in one place doing nothing for a long time, I love to get out, travel and visit new places

4. I can’t sleep with socks on


5. I had braces from the age of 12-16 and since then have had to wear a retainer which I struggle to do and then regret when my teeth move

6. I have an older sister, Chloe who works as Cabin Crew for Virgin Atlantic and a younger brother, Max who is in his last year of A levels

7. Since starting uni, I have dyed my hair 11 times, this includes removing the colour and re-dying it red or black. I have had my hair 7 different colours and it is currently brown with black/blue ends

8. I have 18 piercings in total, my most recent is my septum which didn’t hurt getting pierced but gets knocked easily – my nose also constantly feels bruised right now



9. I love tattoos. I have 5 myself and would love more but my family aren’t fans (sorry mum)

10. My favourite book of all time is Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief but I have never seen the film.

11. My go-to film is How To Be Single

12. One of my favourite things about living in Falmouth is how close I am to the sea. It’s a great escape when life gets to much and I’m able to clear my head and generally feel more positive


13. I’m definitely a summer baby. This might have something to do with my family being from the Caribbean but I can never get too much sun.

14. I always seem to have cold hands, no matter what my hands will always be a lot colder than the rest of my body.

15. Once I graduate I’d love to travel up the West-Coast of America. My dream is to see as much of the world as I can before I have to settle down and focus on being an adult

16. Blogging started off as a hobbit for me but I am always trying to turn it into career as it is a real passion of mine

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

17. I lost a lot of confidence in my writing ability at the beginning of the year after assignment results but am slowly gaining it back again

18. I’m a very organised person and can’t do much if I haven’t planned it

19. I have met most of my best friends at uni and I am always grateful to have them in my life – especially when they visit me at work if I’m having a bad day

20. I love makeup, but I don’t feel comfortable wearing it

FullSizeRender 10

21. I want to travel to every continent before I’m 30

That’s 21 facts about me, I’d love to get to know you more. Comment below an interesting fact about yourself

Jess xx


One thought on “Let’s get personal: 21 Facts about me

  1. Wow, this was a really insightful piece! Thanks jessiecrescent for sharing some deep facts about yourself. I also want to travel the world after I finish with my degree in accounting. But more importantly, I also want to start getting my works of fiction published. I think it’ll be a couple more months before I actually start to sit down and edit some of my different works. I’d love to help people as well; it may be a pipe-dream, but that’s definitely my calling.


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