Good Morning Habits

Good morning all you beautiful people, how are you?

Today I have some habits I’ve tried to create over the past couple of weeks to make my mornings as productive as possible.

Do you have any good morning habits/routines that you do every morning?

1. Stop snoozing the alarm

This is one I was particularly guilty of. I always set my alarm for 7am whether or not I have to be up at that time that day purely so my body clock gets into this routine and on the days I have to be up early it won’t hate me as much. Not having the snooze option on my alarm has been quite easy for me surprisingly – I thought because I was one of those people who would press snooze at least 3 times that I would really struggle with this one but when it came down to it, I forces myself up and out of bed and once I was out I wouldn’t really be tempted to go back to sleep.

2. Make my bed

As soon as my alarm goes off and I get out of bed I make it – this way I know I won’t get back into it as my bed takes a good 5-10 minutes to make (I’m a bit of a perfectionist). At this time I’ll also clean my room if I have any clothes lying on the floor (or the McDonald’s from the night before) as I really feel like clearing this space helps me mentally for the day, this is also a moment when I don’t think about work, uni, assignments etc. So it really clears my mind too.

3. Get a coffee

Back in 2016 for Christmas my mum got me a coffee machine as I would spend too much at the coffee shop on campus. This beauty has lasted me well and has been used pretty much everyday. I don’t think I could survive without my usual caffeine fix in the mornings so this step is a must for me.

4. Morning skincare routine

I’m normally one to shower in the evenings unless I feel really tired or sluggish then I will shower at this point in the morning. Otherwise I will just do my morning skincare routine which uses my usual products. A blog post will be up soon about them so keep your eyes peeled.

5. Plan my day/week

If it’s Monday I’ll plan my week as well as the day, on any other day I’ll look through my planner and see what I have got to do that day. If you want to see my planner I will also be doing a blog post about that as well soon. I have always been a massive list making/planning person so doing this every day really puts my mind at ease and keeps me on track as I am guilty of getting distracted very easily! I used Sunbeamsjess as inspiration for the way I plan as its simple and easy to follow.

6. Get a good playlist on

Music is the one thing that never fails to put me in a good mood. If I have one of my favourite playlists on in the morning then I can just get on with what I need to do, be it work, cleaning, organising, scrolling through instagram or reading my favourite blogs. Recently I have been into my weekly playlists and the daily mixes Spotify makes for you – they track the songs and genres you listen to the most and will create playlists based on that. This is a great way to find new songs and artists you may have never listened to before.

Comment below some of your good morning habits

Jess xx

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