A Look Back at 2017

I probably say this every year, but 2017 has gone by so quickly and I’ve done so much within the year that today I wanted to have a look back at everything the year held.


After spending a month at home over christmas I couldn’t wait to get back down to Falmouth and start my second term. Results from first term’s assignments were good and it was great seeing everyone again. I spent a lot of days at the beach freezing my butt off in the sea (the things I do for a great instagram) and had a resolution of spending more time in the Library being on top of work which I did stick to for a while. Here you can watch a summary of my first month of 2017, it was a pretty good one.


In February I went to Dubai with one of my best friends Shelley. My family still lived there at that point and it was a great break from work for a long weekend. We got to dive with sharks at Atlantis, rode a camel and went on a dessert safari with some breathtaking views. If you’re ever in Dubai I would recommend the safari so much as it’s an experience you should definitely do at least once.


March meant more trips to the beach, the weather was incredible and I started to see another side to Falmouth that I hadn’t witnessed before. The sea was still freezing but so blue that I thought I could be in the Caribbean. Of course, coming up to easter assignments were due so beach days were the perfect break from work. I spent so much time at the beach I uploaded another video which you can watch here.


And with April came my birthday month. Almost every year over the past 16 years during easter my family would go skiing and this year was no exception. All assignments had been handed in so I was able to relax and do something I love. My brother brought his drone along and we managed to get some awesome shots with it that you can see here.


In May I was lucky enough to be asked to act in my friend’s silent film for her assignment. Those of you who know me or have followed my blog for a long time will know my love for acting so of course I said yes. It was great being given the chance to act again and it kickstarted my desire to act more.


Summer was spent between London and Falmouth. We spent loads of days at the beach enjoying the sun, went to St Ives for the day, went cliff jumping, had water fights and just generally enjoying being in a beachside town. On the last day in Falmouth before moving home I cut off about 7 inches of my hair. It was a massive change for me as I’ve been growing it for as long as I can remember. I don’t regret it but am definitely growing it again now.

Back at home I worked most of the time back at the pub, when I wasn’t working, I spent a couple of days in Dubai with my sister as she flew there for work, spent time in London, looked after my baby cousins for a week who have since grown up so much, saw Frank Turner and went out a lot with friends for birthdays.


Towards the end of summer before starting second year. Me and my housemates Clem and Aileen went to Boardmasters festival in Newquay. Aileen’s boyfriend Owain also went with a load of his friends from Hereford so we all spend time with them drinking and watching acts like Two Door Cinema Club, Frank Turner, Alt-J, Jake Bugg, The Vaccines and loads more. It was a great weekend and the only thing I would change is to actually see more acts.


Before properly going back to Falmouth I spent a day in Bath where one of my friend’s from home is at uni. She said I came on a perfect day – Autumn was in full swing the weather was lovely. I definitely want to go back in the near future.

Back To Uni

And now we are back in the present. I moved into a new house with 5 other girls for uni and have a new job working in the bar and restaurant of a hotel by the beach. I’ve met so many lovely people there and have been on some great nights out with them. Sadly, I haven’t been able to blog as much as I hoped due to uni work and keeping a job but I’m hoping to sort that out in the new year. I have finally finished all my assignments for this term and am going home today to spend Christmas with my family.

How has your year been?

Jess xx

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