September Favourites

I cannot believe we are already in October. September has gone by so quickly that I barely had time to sit for a couple of minutes and breathe but I did have time to pick a few new favourites that I’m going to share with you today.

Makeup and Skincare 


As always, my go to cleanser is the Oskia renaissance cleansing gel. I have to admit I haven’t been the best at looking after my skin recently but I will always go back to this. I have also been loving quite a few of The Ordinary’s products – in particular the Lactic Acid and Hyaluronic acid. These two I use every day with out fail and they seem to be keeping my skin happy.

My favourite fragrance of the moment is the Tom Ford Velvet Orchid. It’s quite floral which I wouldn’t normally go for but somehow it works. This is my favourite daytime fragrance and then when I go out I have been using the Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme as it is a spicier scent that is worn best in the evening.

Makeup wise, I recently purchased the Bare Minerals blemish remedy foundation after watching on of sunbeamsjess’ videos. I’m not a fan of heavy foundations but tend to get quite oily throughout the day and this powder works really well for me as its at most a medium coverage and helps with oil. I have wanted to get an LVL lash lift for a long time but wanted to see if I could just try a serum and see if that helps. So I bought the Rapid Lash eyelash enhancing serum and I have really noticed a difference! I still need to curl my lashes but am hardly wearing mascara now unless I go out. I have also been loving the CND Shellac colour field fox. In order to save money I’ve started learning how to do my acrylics myself and am pretty proud of how it turned out.




I have just moved into my house for uni and have finally had a room to decorate the way I wanted. Of course its student housing so the furniture is a bit mis-match but I am so happy with everything I’ve done to my room.

My first homeware favourite is a candle from Anthropologie, I couldn’t find it online but it’s the cashmere and mahogany candle and honestly, all candles from anthropologie look and smell amazing. I also love my book poster from Oh Deer which I brought for my room in halls last year, I feel like it’s in the perfect place as there isn’t anything else on the wall so it’s quite a statement. That’s what I wanted to go with this year so each wall has one statement piece on it. Another wall has a tapestry on and the other has a big mirror from IKEA – definitely a statement but I love the way my room looks and how homely I’ve made it in only a couple of weeks.

Books and Music

I haven’t had much time to read this month since settling into the new house has been manic but I have one book recommendation and that is Slade House by David Mitchell. There will be a review of it soon up on my writing blog so I won’t go into detail about it now but its a fairly short novel so those of you who don’t want to commit to a massive novel should also check it out. This is how it is described on Goodreads: ‘Down the road from a working-class British pub, along the brick wall of a narrow alley, if the conditions are exactly right, you’ll find the entrance to Slade House. A stranger will greet you by name and invite you inside. At first, you won’t want to leave. Later, you’ll find that you can’t. Every nine years, the house’s residents—an odd brother and sister—extend a unique invitation to someone who’s different or lonely: a precocious teenager, a recently divorced policeman, a shy college student. But what really goes on inside Slade House? For those who find out, it’s already too late. . . .’ and if that hasn’t drawn you in then take my word for it! I could not put this book down and at the time of it I was working 10 hour days yet I finished it within 3!

Music wise I’ve been going onto my discover weekly playlist a lot on spotify as I keep wanting change and end up loving the music on there. Some of my favourites which you should give a listen are: Sorry – Nothing But Thieves | Found What I’ve Been Looking For – Tom Grennan | Bayonne – Little Comets | Lip Addiction – Shag Rock | Our Blood – Sam Nicolosi | Native – KYKO | Dakota – Stereophonics


What are some of your favourites right now?

Jess xx



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    1. Thank you! I am obsessed with it right now, found it scrolling through Facebook under the page “help the elephants” and they do a couple more colours too x

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      1. Ah amazing! I’m going to have to check them out! Thank you! x


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