Life Update: Summer and Starting Second Year

I feel like all I have done since handing in my final assignments back in April is blink and now I’m a couple of days away from starting second year.

Honestly, summer got a bit too much for me, I was working every day and could never find time to blog but now I’m back at uni I’m going to really try and get a routine sorted in which I blog once a week on here and my writing blog.

I can’t really excuse myself for not blogging over the summer and I wrote a lot of blog posts that I just was never really completely happy with (I am a perfectionist and I don’t want to upload something onto here just for the sake of it) so they are just sat in my drafts folder and hopefully I’ll get around to posting them in the future.

Now onto more recent things, university. I start tomorrow and am doing three modules this term, the first is a compulsory module called writing project I and then I have chosen to do screenwriting and poetry as my optional modules. I won’t go into it too much now as this blog is my lifestyle blog and Jessica Gajadharsingh is the place I blog about my university work and writing so if you do want to know more I will share everything on there.

Summer wasn’t very eventful for me as I was working about 50 hours a week but I did go to Boardmasters festival which was amazing and such a great break! I was also extremely happy to be back in Cornwall again after spending over 3 months at home.

So that is it for now, I will try and make my upload dates Monday as I don’t have uni that day, thank you to those who have stuck by me this summer and my lack of blogging, it will get better!

Jess x


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