Current Skincare Favourites

I’ve wanted to post this for a while but I just wanted to check that the products I chose really worked well for my skin before I did. I tend to have combination skin, sometimes I get dry patches on my cheeks and an oily T-zone with slightly enlarged pores and the odd breakout depending on how stressed I am or hormonal. But I do feel like keeping to a regular skincare routine keeps my face happy at all times.

Of course it’s not just skincare that depicts your skin, it’s also a lot to do with both mental and physical health – if I’m stressed I will have breakouts on my forehead, if I’m not eating the right foods for my body I’ll have breakouts on my cheeks and before the time of the months I’ll get breakouts around my lips. As well as this, I’ve noticed that through trial and error some products also break me out.

With all of this taken into consideration, I can confidently say that I have a solid skincare routine that I can use all year round which helps my skin whatever condition its in.

For the first step in my routine, I wanted to find a good cleanser that could work both morning and evening. I couldn’t narrow it down to one cleanser but if I could it would, without a doubt, be the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. This product always seems to leave my skin feeling cleansed but not tight. I apply it to dry skin with dry hands and it transforms into the most amazing smelling oil that quickly dissolves any impurities from my skin. On days when I wear a fuller face of makeup I will also use a cleansing oil in the evening before the Oskia cleanser as a double cleanse just to make sure all the makeup is removed from my face. I really like The Body Shop Cleansing Oil for this.

The toner I have chosen is one I recently added to my collection as, honestly, I have never found anything that really works for me. This product works as a chemical exfoliant but it has also helped reduce the size of my pores and always keeps my skin feeling smooth. I use the Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant after I cleanse both morning and evening and have done so for about a month now and I can see a difference.

Moisturiser is a funny one for me. I change moisturisers more often then I should but I always seem to go back to the Clinique Moisture Surge more than any other one. That is why this Clinique moisturiser is a favourite – it’s not heavy on the skin as heavy moisturisers seem to be really congesting for me however it still manages to hydrate my skin and keep my oily t-zone at bay.

Having a good face spf is also needed when at uni on the sunny coast of cornwall, considering I’ve spend most days there on the beach. My favourite one is the clinique city block as it doesn’t feel greasy and doesn’t clog my pores either which is win win for me!

What have been your recent skincare favourites?

Jess x

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