Things that make me smile

I’ve been in bit of a rut recently, since finishing first year I’ve felt overwhelmed by the summer and what it has to hold for me as well as starting second year in only 3 months. If those 3 months go as quick as first year did then I haven’t got long to go so today I thought I’d focus on the positives. Especially the things that have been making me smile.

Exploring somewhere new My flatmate Clem knew I had been feeling down recently and so one evening we decided to take a drive to one of my favourite places in Falmouth – Pendennis Head. But when walking down towards the shore we decided to take a different route down and found the most amazing secluded bit of beach where we just sat and talked. This is one of the things I love about falmouth – it has so many beautifully hidden places that just want to be found. Also, Clem’s dancing was a pretty spectacular sight too (Check out my youtube video to see that).

Finding new music One of the best things about having flatmates with a similar music taste to you is that they always find new songs that they know you’ll like. And who doesn’t like listening to music to make them smile when they’re down?

Sunny days I definitely consider myself to be one of those people who’s mood is weather dependent so as all you English readers will probably know my mood has been up and down just like the weather in this temperamental country. But sunny days are definitely something to smile about and it’s great living on the coast where you can drive 10 minutes to the beach and spend hours there without a care in the world. The odd rainy day also seems to make me smile as well, there’s just something about being stuck inside with a good old chick flick watching the rain pour down outside your window.

Coffee shops I have one particular coffee shop in my mind as I write this. In fact, I’m writing this blog post in that coffee shop right now.

What are some things that make you smile?

Jess x

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