Acting again

During my year out I was so grateful for all the opportunities I had to act – from the Edinburgh Fringe festival, to Thorpe Park Fright nights and then to London this time a year ago. Being in uni now has made me realise how much I miss acting and I’ve wanted to find more opportunities to act for a while now.

I was recently asked by my friend Ash Hunt to act in a short film he wrote with his friend Jack Summerell and I jumped at the chance to say yes.

We have had a read through with the small cast of 5 and start filming this week. I love the script but am slightly nervous as I’ve never acted on camera so I’m interested to see how this goes.

I also wanted to apologise for not posting very much recently, deadlines are coming at me hard and fast and I just needed to take a break to keep my head above the water. Once I finish my assignments on the 7th of April I will start posting more regularly so bare with me.


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