2017 Travel Goals

img_45142016 was full of firsts. I could never have imagined how much I was able to travel last year and I’m so grateful I got to travel everywhere I did. From Ireland in February, Italy in April, Dubai in May, Miami and Los Angeles in July and finally Amsterdam in December I really appreciated all these trips.

Now that 2017 is here my wanderlust has grown and I can’t wait to explore more of the world.

Where next?

I have a trip to Dubai planned in February to stay with my family again like last year. This time I’m very excited as my best friend in the world is coming with me and we are going skydiving over The Palm (I really can’t wait)! After that I have a skiing trip planned and myself, my brother Max and my cousin Rohan all have GoPros so be prepared for a vlog after that!

Trips in the process of being sorted are: Amsterdam in May with Shelley again with her boyfriend and his friend which I’m very excited for. Also, with my sister working as Cabin Crew for Virgin Atlantic I am definitely going to try and sneak on a few trips away with her!

My friends at uni and I are also going to try and plan a trip away to somewhere in Europe in the summer which will be awesome!

Where do you want to travel this year and do you have an recommendations for places I should go to?

J xx

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