Everyday Makeup for Uni

Today I’m going to be showing you what I wear on my face on a (give or take) daily basis at uni.

At uni, you want to wear makeup to either:

a) to cover up your hangover

b) to make it seem like you weren’t up all night finishing that assignment

c) to cover up the love bite that boy gave you that you didn’t want

d) all of the above

Yep! you’ve guessed it, the answer is d: all of the above. And come on, don’t pretend you haven’t done any of those things.

Anyway on with the makeup


My base changes on a daily basis depending on how good my skin is to me. If I’m having a good day I’ll put a little bit of the urban decay naked concealer in med-light neutral under my eyes and around my nose, blend it in with the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge and then apply some Charlotte Tilbury powder in medium over my T-zone then move on the cheeks and eyes. If my skin is acting up I’ll apply some of the Bobbi Brown moisture rich foundation in Sand (2) all over my face with either the sponge or my Sephora multitasked complexion brush. Then I’ll go in with the UD Naked concealer and the same powder I’ve mentioned above.

Base done, now onto cheeks. I like to keep this pretty natural so I will just apply some of the Soap and Glory Solar Powder bronzer with my Real Techniques Blush brush in a 3 shape around my face and that’s it!

Eyebrows, or just eyes in general, but mainly eyebrows make my face feel complete. I’ll either use the Soap and Glory Brow Archery in Hot Chocolate or the Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown and just fill in the brows as you do, keeping it pretty natural but deep and full. With my eyes I will just wear a matte brown eyeshadow in my crease and work it towards the lid a bit. I’ll either use a shade from my Stila Eyes are the Window palette in Soul or my Mac eyeshadow palette. Right now I’m definitely feeling warmer almost coppery shades that look great with a tan. Finally with eyelashes I’ve been using my trusty lancome mascara which always seems to last longer than my stamina!

Last but not least, lips. Either I’ll just use lip balm or if I am feeling like wearing something, the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in the shade Lolita, is perfect for everyday

What do you guys like to put on your face everyday?


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