Update: Back to Blogging and Starting Uni

So the past couple of weeks have been stressful, I was working as many shifts as I could to make money for uni and I was packing up my entire life as well to move down to the cornish coast.

Now that I have some more time on my hands I am determined to spend more time on my beloved blog and will do this by posting at 11am on Monday mornings and Thursday mornings so make sure you make a note of those times. My last thing on blogging, what would you like to see me post more of? I want to do a couple of uni posts like my reading list, my room tour, freshers flu but I would love more! If you have any ideas comment below.

And now following on from that I am currently sitting in my uni halls on my bed watching netflix and chatting to you. I have been here for only one day but have already become close with a lot of the girls in my block of flats. I can’t wait to start my course next Tuesday but haven’t met anyone from my course yet so and fairly nervous!

Anyway, that’s all for now, how are you guys doing? Have you recently started uni or are about to start?


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