My Gap Year So Far

For today’s post, I thought I’d look back at everything I have done during my gap year…


I started it off in August at one of my favourite places on earth: The Edinburgh Fringe Festival performing a new show Secrets of Us which was such an amazing experience with a group of talented actors and really close friends. I love the atmosphere of the fringe and would recommend going up there to anyone who is even slightly interested in drama. To end our performances we recieved 4 and 5 star reviews which in Edinburgh is very difficult to do!

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Next I travelled to Barcelona for a couple of days and then as soon as I got back went straight to Reading Festival to end the summer on a high

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Heading into the working world and working 30-40 hours a week was a dramatic change from school life but I quickly found something to take my mind off that stressful job in the form of Thorpe Park Fright Nights. I became a scare actor for their Cabin in the Woods maze and met a great group of people some of who I’m still insanely close to today. It was such a great experience and I can’t wait to go back and do it all again in the near future.

After that came news that Secrets of Us had been asked to perform in a theatre in London which was incredible and of course I said yes to reprising my role and took it to The Kings Head Theatre in Islington in March 2016.

During rehearsals I got the news that my course at Westminster, which I was due to start in September 2016, had been cancelled so I had to reapply for uni. It was a daunting task to say the least doing this without any help from anyone. Nevertheless I gained a place at Falmouth University to study Creative Writing which I am more than happy about.


In April came my birthday and also a trip to Italy to ski with the family. I love skiing and have travelled to the alps almost every year since I was 5 to do it. I have also been lucky enough to go to Colorado and California to ski on their white slopes too in the past.


My most recent trip away was Dubai to meet my not so little cousins for the first time. It was such a special experience seeing them, spending time with my uncle and aunt and just enjoying the hot weather. I also started a youtube channel after blogging for three years and made this trip my first video – you can check it out here if you haven’t already. This was a very daunting step for me as I have been umming and ahhing about doing this for a long time and finally pressing upload was a massive accomplishment for me

Finally here we are. I am packing for a trip to the states which I will make on Saturday travelling to Miami and then onto LA and back to Miami. I am beyond excited about this and cannot wait to see what the rest of this year has in store for me.


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