Current Favourites

I have been slightly off with my blogging game recently and so I apologise. I would like to start off this week with some of my favourites of the moment starting with…

TV&Film: I have been rewatching the Awkward TV series and The Hills on Amazon Prime recently (another favourite of mine) and have forgotten how much I enjoyed watching them. I have also been trying to keep up with Made in Chelsea this season.

Youtube: I am currently rewatching all of Jess’ (Sunbeamsjess) vlogtobers and vlogmases whilst keeping up with this years June vlogs. I don’t know what it is but I love her style and as she has similar interests to me I feel like I know her. She also gives me massive ring and nail envy! I have also recently uploaded my first video to youtube; a vlog style video from my trip to Dubai so check it out here if you haven’t yet. My friends and family have been so supportive of this and I hope all of you will be too. Of course blogging will always be my first and foremost platform to post on but editing and putting together vlogs has always been a love of mine so doing this just felt right. And capturing the places I travel to on my gap year felt like the right time to do it for me.

Blogging: Having serious travel envy for many people right now I have been loving keeping up with The Tourist of Life and World of Wanderlust and their blog posts. They have really inspired me and opened my eyes to what I want to write and post.

Beauty: I’m going to start off with something I can see right now – my nails. I have bought these colour changing gel polishes and have been obsessed with them. They are heat dependent and the colour I currently have on my nails is a lovely sky blue going into a deep blue at the tips. You can see a picture and a video on my instagram. I went into westfield at the end of May an went into Inglot for the first time. I think it’s a right of passage to make an inglot palette so I did. Filled with 3 matte shades and 2 shimmer I took it to Dubai with me and love the shades I chose. Skincare wise my morning and evening routines have slightly changed. I have added the Sarah Chapman Intense hydrating booster in the morning and the overnight exfoliating booster in the evening every other day, both before I moisturise or use my serum. In the shower I have been using the St Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower in Medium  to keep my Dubai tan topped up and it has been doing wonders without that nasty streak effect.

Books: After finishing the Girl on the Train (loved it btw, definitely a favourite) I started Behind Closed Doors. I’m only a couple of chapters through but really like the plot so far. I will keep you updated.

I think that’s about it for everything I’ve currently been loving. What about you? I’d love to know some of your favourites right now



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