some good things

I don’t normally write appreciation posts and seeing as this week is not a normal one I thought I’d take a minute to appreciate some of the good things in life.

01. This week I have gone away to Dubai (as I’ve mentioned about a million and one times) I think getting a tan after so long in cold England has done me some good both physically and mentally

02. I never realised how little time I spent with my family (as in the ones who live with me) so this week it has been really nice to spend it away from the internet and working world and with those who love me unconditionally

03. On my way to Dubai I waited in the No1 Lounge at Heathrow and was booked in for a facial, I have missed pampering myself a little and want to make it a regular thing; not just going out but also giving myself a little me time more often and give myself a break

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some sunbathing to do…

What are you doing today?


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