Weekly update: In Need of Sun

So, as I never double check anything the post that was meant to go up today ended up being published yesterday (my travel essentials if anyone is curious) and so I thought it was only fair that I still upload a post today too. That and I’m currently in the airport lounge and need something to do so I thought I would just chat to you before I go off to have a facial – oh this is the life.

Anyway, how have you been? I feel like I very rarely ask that question as all my blog posts are always scheduled and nothing is ever a random spew of words. I have been working a lot; and with a lot of work comes a lack of sleep and energy. However as you may have guessed or figured out by now, I am headed to Dubai to visit my uncle and spend some time in the much needed sunshine England seem to be lacking at the moment.

In other news my accommodation for uni is sorted so in a mere 3 and a half months I will be living in Cornwall and studying Creative Writing at Falmouth University which, funnily enough was the first Uni that made me consider Creative Writing as an option.


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