Travel Essentials: Dubai

As you are reading this I will be on the plane heading to sunny Dubai for the next few days, and I cannot wait to be in the sun soaking up the vitamin D and coming back to cold England looking like a bronzed goddess!

Anyway enough with the dreaming that isn’t what this post is about. It is about my essentials for travelling to Dubai so without further a do (or a due I never really know)…

For the seven hour flight of course I will need some reading material so I’ve brought my current read – The Girl On The Train, my iPad for some downloaded episodes of Awkward and The Hills which are two shows I am loving right now, my laptop as I don’t like putting that in my suitcase and headphones as they are key for listening to music and watching tv. My phone is also an obvious one (including its charger as iPhones are not great for their battery life)

For my in-flight beauty I like to keep it very simple with lip balm, a hand sanitiser and hand cream and a face moisturiser and that’s pretty much it – short and sweet.

I am also bringing my camera and go pro to film a little bit and take photos for you guys and memories and, an obvious one for sunny Dubai, my Quay Australia Sunglasses.

I will see you on Thursday with a May Face update, if you have no idea what I’m on about you can check out my April Face here and my March Face here.

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