Loves from London #1

IMG_2743IMG_2740I’m going to be honest and say London is probably my favourite city in the world. I love how there’s always a different part that you probably haven’t come across before – be it a side street, an independent shop, or a restaurant.

In order to share some of the places I love in London, I thought I’d start another frequent series much like my “Lovely Things” – one that won’t be put up regularly, but rather time after time.

Without further a do…

Borris Bikes Oh how cliched! But seriously, there is nothing better if the sun is shinning to get lost in time cycling round London, it’s so easy to lose track of where you are and how long you’re been gone for but it’s such an fun afternoon

Ping Pong This is a very personal thing because obviously not everyone has as big of an obsession with dim sum as me but whenever I go into London it’s hard not to go in to this restaurant and the little morsels of joy that await within the walls.

Selfridges No matter who you are or what you’re into, Selfridges will have something for you. From the beauty lovers to the manliest man you’d be crazy not to go in.

Covent Garden A lovely spot for wandering around aimlessly is the infamous Covent Garden. It’s such a beautiful place and you’re bound to see a street artist lurking somewhere

Camden Market Awesome food from all over the world and indie market stalls, this place is such an underrated part of London that I always love to hang around in


What are some of your favourite places London has to offer?

Jess xx

One Comment Add yours

  1. louise says:

    I love Regents Park, it’s lovely all year round. Can’t beat shopping on Oxford Street either. There’s a Ping Pong bar called Bounce in Holborn that’s super fun and I love eating at The Ivy in Chelsea too. London is pretty rad! X


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