10 Posts #14

I’ve decided that from now on, this ’10 Posts’ series won’t come on a monthly basis, just when I’ve found 10 posts that really inspire me. Because I don’t want to share posts with you just for the hell of it. 

Ways to Relax – I love taking time out to relax so these 5 luxurious yet easy ways to pamper yourself are great 

I Pretend To Being An Organised Person – I love poppy’s blog in general and when I saw this post go up I could agree with her more, I try to be organised but it never goes to plan

15 awesome beauty tips – Such a great post to look back on full of reminders all to do with beauty 

10 strategies for dealing with writer’s block – I go through phases of writing all day every day then having massive slumps where I just cannot find inspiration anywhere so this post has really helped me get back into writing 

7 Ways to live a more creative life – What is living without creating? I like to think it’s coping with what your stuck with; it doesn’t have to be like that and these 7 ways prove it 

5 Ways to have a great week after a bad one – I am one for living in the past and always thinking about the things that went wrong, this post has helped me move on from that and is a must read in my eyes 

Adventures in Brighton – Brighton is one of my favourite places in the world, and I wish I could go there more often, the only real excuse I have is my busy work schedule but this post from Carrie has made me more motivated to book a weekend off and head down to the seaside town

10 tips to get through a bad day – Any posts of Tanya Burr’s is always gonna be a good read in my eyes, but this posts is one of my favourites and I like to look at it whenever I’ve had a rough day to find something to do 

Why you should meditate and how to get started – I know this may sound cliched but hear me out, I want to start meditating before I go to bed as most nights I have trouble sleeping. I think this is due to an overactive brain and so I’m hoping meditating will put my mind to rest for the 8 hours that I need to start getting 

5 Steps to a more Positive Life – Because who doesn’t want a positive life? Need I say more…

Have you read any posts recently that you’ve enjoyed?

Jess xx

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