5 Reasons Why I Write

I could think of an endless list as to why I write, but if I had to choose 5 reasons, these would be them…

#1 For Control – It’s hard to control situations in regular life, but writing allows you to be in control and that’s something I love about creating a situation that’s all mine and no one elses. 

#2 To challenge myself – Stretching my mind and pushing myself to reach my full ability is something to be proud of when I finally finish a piece. 

#3 The clarity it gives – Often I find writing uncovers a new facet of me and my personality that I didn’t know about myself.

#4 Notice tiny details – Like the clarity it gives, there will always be tiny details in your writing that uncovers new things about you 

#5 Connection – This isn’t just about my connection to characters, it’s also about a connection to those who read your work and the connection between the reader and the character. I love when a person can connect with my protagonist, it’s the best feeling. 

So here are a couple of reasons why I write, what about you?

Jess xx

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