The Beauty Review: CND Vinylux


A couple of months ago I shared my thoughts on the at home gel manicure kit: Red Carpet Manicure. Today I am coming to you with a similar product but no UV light is needed, nor hours of prep! A few of these products are on the market from both ends of the price spectrum; from Barry M to Sally Hansen and the brand I have: CND.

I have had CND gel manicures before and love their colour options so when I found their Vinylux range that required a colour and a specific top coat that completely dries your nails in 10 minutes I was sold.

What is it? *VINYLUX® Weekly Polish is a breakthrough polish that endures a week of fashion perfection…without a base coat! Exposure to natural light activates the patent-pending ProLight Technology™ to deliver week-long wear. While ordinary polishes break down over time,VINYLUX® Weekly Polish actually becomes more durable!

What was I expecting? I had never tried anything like it but I was expecting it to stay on for at least a week and I hoped more if it could. Since never having used anything similar my expectations weren’t very high, I just hoped the colours were the same as the gels

How do I use it? After using nail varnish remover to either remover a colour I have on already or just to clean my nail. Then I skip the base coat as the website said that the product works best when applied to the natural nail and I apply one coat of colour. Without waiting for the first coat to dry I go in with a second and finally the top coat. Now is when you need to conjure up 10-15 minutes of patience for the whole thing to dry and that’s it, you’re done!

Where can I buy it?  I bought mine off amazon but their official store you can buy the Vinylux at is Loxabeauty

Has it done anything? I love it! It lives up to staying on for a week and sometimes even longer. Like normal nail varnish, removal is quick and easy with regular nail varnish remover but I’m getting ahead of myself, when it’s on it looks like an actual gel manicure but without the hefty price tag that comes along with it.


Have you tried any of these daylight curing sets? What are your opinions. Some of these shades are perfect transitional shades for spring!

Jess xx


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