Two Thousand and Sixteen

I might be a little late with the “new year post” band wagon but after I took a break I wanted to have little look at 2015 before I focussed on the coming year. I also mainly wanted to write this for myself in order to note down my goals for this year. 

Prepare for a ramble. 

Lifestyle Goals 

I have three simple life goals this year: to read, to write, to stay organised. I have written a long list of books that I would like to read this year and so far am on my third which I am very happy with considering we are only on the second week (are we on the second week? or first? Who knows!) so am going to use that to read as much as I can this year. Ironically, on the last day of 2015 I finished a journal. I don’t know if it was fate but it definitely gave me a reason to get a new journal that I hope to write in every day, even if that’s just a sentence on how I’m feeling. So far, 7 days in, it’s working. And finally, to stay organised. I think this is a goal I have every year (as is to read and write as much as I can) and to be honest, I do a pretty good job but as I like to believe, there is always room to get better. I want to make it a habit of mine on Monday mornings to write out what I will do that week – a day to day list of everything I have planned – from blog posts and work, to eyebrow appointments and workouts. It will all be going in my journal. 

Blog Goals 

For my beloved blog, I hope it will continue to grow as it has throughout the past year. I would like to up my weekly blog content to three posts a week but that is in the midst of a lot of planning at the moment so will not come for a while. I am also thinking of vlogging trips that I go on and starting a youtube channel for these. Not necessarily for viewers but because I want to create these memories.  

Travel Goals 

Talking of travel, I want to make the most of no deadlines before I start uni in September and if I could I would hop on a plane tomorrow and travel along the west coast of america for three months and arrive home for my already planned ski trip to Italy over my birthday. I also have trips to Ireland and Miami and LA planned but hope to have at least three more which are in the planning process at the moment.

Health Goals 

With regards to my health, I hope to eat clean for at least 5 days of the week and drink more water. The weekly plan that I mentioned above will include meal plans and small daily workouts. I want to exercise more so starting with small workouts I hope my body will get used to it and I can build up my strength and lose a little fat that has always made me conscious of my body. But this year I vow to change that and think more positive. 

So, after that ramble these are my goals for this year. Have you come up with any resolutions or goals? If so comment them below

Jess xx

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