Two Thousand and Fifteen

First and foremost I should probably start by saying happy new year! I hope you had a good christmas and the best end to 2015 you could have wished for. What a year it was; filled with tremendous highs and gut wrenching lows but now after a little break over christmas I thought I would look back and reflect on everything that has happened over the momentous year also known as two thousand and fifteen 

The first few months of the year was when I decided to get my butt into gear and knuckle down to study. The realisations of looming exams freaked me out to say the least.

April was not only was this the month I turned 18, it was also the month I went to California to go skiing at Lake Tahoe. One of my more memorable birthday’s having a sponsored rehearsal taking place during the day and a toga house party with my closest friends in the evening and having been to America and doing one of my favourite things in the world (skiing) the week before made April an unforgettable month.

Exams took over my life in May but not so much that I missed the last day that I would spend in the school that had supported me for 7 years

June was one of my favourite months in 2015 (I will say that a lot from now on for a lot of months) with me and my two best friends taking a trip to Paris. It was lovely being tourists and not caring! I also had my leavers prom this month and that was a great night with great friends.

With exams and general school life out of the way, July was the time I stared focussing a lot more on this blog trying to get more content out on a regular basis, redesigning the overall look and planning planning planning.

Next came one of the busiest months of the year, August. The start consisted of a week of rehearsing for Secrets of Us everyday, polishing and perfecting the scenes for our trip to Edinburgh. Soon enough that trip came and it was a memorable one. Filled with tears (mostly from me), tantrums (I won’t say from who), trips to inspiring shows, A level results, places at universities and finally, to top the trip off, 5 star reviews. But August didn’t end there, I then went on to travel to Barcelona for 5 days and ended that week at Reading Festival and saw some of my favourite bands I had been longing to see live for years, also the toilets were something special…

The first month of my gap year started with some questions – what was I going to do for the next year, was it worth not going to uni…but it didn’t take me long to find something to do. An audition to work as a scare actor at Thorpe Park for their Fright Nights over the month of October popped up and I thought “Why not! I’ve got nothing to lose” And then the next week I was in my first rehearsal with a talented of group of people who later turned into my Cabin Crew!

With September over, October started with a press night at Thorpe Park, which then turned to weeks of fun as we continued to scare in the mazes. Again October had to be one of my favourite months as I enjoyed every minute and got close to a small group of people who I happen to be seeing tonight 

October gone I felt a little lost. No more scaring and back to work on the blog, November was a quiet month so not much to report sadly. 

Finally at the end of 2015. I booked a week off work over christmas to head down to Sussex and spend time with family which I enjoyed. I also took a little time off blogging to recovery and recuperate for the New Year 

And here we are: January two thousand and sixteen. Who knew we’d make it this far? Now I don’t know about you, but I plan on making the most of the new year and make it even better that 2015.

What was your most memorable moment in two thousand and fifteen?

Jess xx

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