Behind Jessiecrescent

I’m back and back for good! 

So Fright Nights have finished, the wrap party is tomorrow and I spent this morning searching for a dress whilst wondering what would be the best “back to blog” blog post. I have been writing Jessiecrescent for over a year but I realised I have never really told you all about me and why I started this blog. Today is where that changes. So sit back, grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee and a slice of cake (even if it’s the morning) and learn more about behind Jessiecrescent.


How did you start and what has your blogging journey been? 

I have always loved to write and have had blogs from the beginning of my teenage years. There’s something about the power of words that drew me in. When I first discovered the blogosphere, I discovered how good other bloggers were and I became very self conscious with my writing. I stopped blogging and my writing confidence plummeted until I was pushed by my Creative Writing teacher to start jessiecrescent. Let’s just say I haven’t looked back. My journey has definitely made me grow in confidence and helped me realise that writing is something I want to do as a career in the future.

What sparked your interest in lifestyle? 

I guess it’s just a mix of all the blog genres. I don’t have a favourite type of post – I love to write about places I travel to, books I want to read and favourite beauty products so I thought that having a lifestyle blog I can include a little bit of everything. And I like it like that.

Why Jessiecrescent? 

This will sound very cliched but I’m going to say it anyway. The first part Jessie obviously because my name is Jessica and my family all call me Jessie. The second part crescent is probably a little less obvious. The word Crescent is derived from the latin verb crescere “to grow” and I like to try and constantly better myself so I thought I’d want to include that in the name of my blog which, in a way, is a part of me that I’m always trying to grow. I’m also attracted to very spiritual things – horoscopes, healing crystals, and most importantly, the moon. As I said, cliched!  

What direction do you see your blog moving to

Hopefully up! But I think everyone wishes for that. Jessie crescent is just something I love doing and so if whatever happens makes me happy then it’s all good. 

The best thing to come from jessiecrescent 

There isn’t just one thing to come from writing my blog. I’d say there’s quite a few. The first one is my confidence for my own writing has grown massively which I don’t think would’ve happened without it. Next is you loyal followers. I never thought I’d have so many of you who will come back week after week to see what I’ve rambled on about this time – thank you! Finally, fellow bloggers. It’s been great meeting other bloggers who started the same time as me and are growing. It makes me quite content. 

What’s your experience blogging 

The blogging world is a tricky one. There are so many bloggers who have created their corner of the internet because its their passion and blogging is something they love to do. But every once in a while you’ll come across one who isn’t. And they can be mean and put you down. Just watch out for them, but don’t let that put you off. 

What beauty products do you use the most

A cleanser definitely. Once in the morning and once (sometimes twice) in the evening. I love cleansing balms. I have pretty normal skin but sometimes get an oily t-zone so if you have oily skin don’t let the cleansing balm or oil label put you off. My favourite that I have used for almost a year now is the Omorovicza thermal cleansing balm, quite pricey but definitely worth it. Next is a good moisturiser, I love the HealGel Intensive which is great for scarring and I have a fair bit from past blemishes. With regards to make up, I will always wear a powder, eyebrow pencil and mascara. My current products of choice are the hourglass ambient lighting powder in ethereal light, soap and glory brow archery in hot chocolate, and maybelline great lash waterproof mascara. 

Go-to fashion 

If you had asked me a year ago, I would have said a skater dress, cardigan and ballet pumps but now I’m more of a jeans, converse (or boots) and tee kinda girl. Oh how we can change! 

What do you like to do in your free time

I love to read. I try and read as much as I can but sometimes life gets ahead of me and I can completely forget. Recently by taking a break from blogging I just switched off m laptop, put my phone on aeroplane mode and listened to my favourite music whilst getting ahead in my reading game and I’m very happy I did that. I also try to write everyday in my journal. Be it my thoughts, what I did, a to-do list, or poetry and prose. Getting things down on paper is one of my favourite things to do. I also love netflix and can be found in my bed or on my sofa watching seasons at a time of my favourite TV shows.

Any future travel plans 

My uncle and aunt had twins recently and they live in Dubai so I’d really like to go out and see them at some point. I’m also going skiing next year for my birthday which I’m very excited about as I’ve skied since I was about 4. Also, next summer my best friend and I plan on going interlining around Europe: Budapest, Amsterdam, Rome, Norway and Berlin to name a few.

When you travel, what are three things you absolutely must take 

A form of camera is the first. Be it my phone, my camera, or my GoPro. Capturing every moment and experience is something I love to do. A travel buddy would be my next must have. As much as I love my alone time I do get lonely, being in a different country on my own would mean I just wouldn’t enjoy myself. 

What song or album do you currently have on repeat 

Florence + The Machine: How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. I love the power in Florence’s voice and cannot find any buffer songs in this album. However my top 3 are Third Eye, Ship to Wreck and Delilah.

So, now you know a little more about me but I don’t know much about you. Leave me 3 facts about you in the comments below!

Jess xx

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