10 Posts #9

Good afternoon October, very kind of you to pop your head in and steal any chance of sun we may have until next May.

12046922_1084394191580311_254368643037426431_nTo be fair, this is probably my favourite time of the year. The transitional phases are always so beautiful and I always love sitting down in bed with my laptop scrolling through my bloglovin’ feed checking out some of my favourite bloggers.

#1 Blog Reading – if you ever need a reminder 

#2 Creative Prompts – for when your stuck for inspiration

#3 Look After Yourself – because we all forget sometimes (Similar post

#4 Everyday Reminders – after all, you are the person you spend the most time with 

#5 An Extra Hour – interesting thought, isn’t it 

#6 Budapest Sights – adding more to my bucket list 

#7 New York Sights – same as above really 

#8 Bedroom Inspiration – love dedication days to pinterest in interior inspo 

#9 Blog Content – organisation is the key 

#10 Cleaning Your Computer – no one likes a full hard drive 

Now, you may be wondering about the photo, this month I am part of Thorpe Park Fright Night’s in the Cabin in the Woods maze. If you’re around definitely check it out but be prepared!

Jess xx

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