(Not) Going to Uni

This weekend and the one just gone, former year 13s up and down the country have been packing up their stuff ready to fly the nest for the 3 year adventure also known as university.

I am not one of them.

When results came around, I was in the midst of a very busy week performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (I’m still having post show blues about it) and logging onto UCAS only to find I had an unconditional offer from the University of Westminster to study Creative Writing and Linguistics was very emotional (let’s just say I had to do my make up three times that morning).

However, I wasn’t one of those people who just wanted to be defined by university. For the majority of my final year at school I had been umm-ing and ahh-ing about the prospects uni had to hold, equally as much as taking a gap year had. On one hand I could start my future as a student studying a course I love and getting the experience all teens wait for; on the other I could take a break, earn some money, get some experience writing for companies and travelling in order to broaden my horizons (literally).

I have to say, right now I’m very confused.

But in the end I decided to click that button. No, not the one accepting the offer but the one that is very hard to find in order to defer my place at Westminster until September 2016. Let’s just hope I won’t regret it!

So what do I have planned for the upcoming year?

Well, I hope to get more shifts at my current work in order to gain a bit of money for a month interailing at the start of next year. But before this year is out I have another job which I am very excited to start. I am not allowed to tell you anything yet but trust me, this one is worth waiting for. Follow my twitter and instagram for those updates

You may have noticed I haven’t written anything about jessiecrescent yet. Well I was saving the best for last, obviously! I hope to spend a lot of the year focussing on growing my corner of the online universe starting with this blog. I would like to start uploading more blog posts a week and now here is where I need your help. What would you like to see here? More lifestyle? More travel? More beauty? Let me know in the comments.

Jess xx

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