What’s in my Bag

Like any human, my bag can also contain crumbs, random bobby pins and empty chewing gum wrappers (the seem to reproduce like rabbits), but for todays post I wanted to leave those bits out. I am pretty good with looking after my bags but sometimes you can’t help it…who can blame me?!

Longchamp Bag:

I only bought this bag about a week ago but I am completely in love with it. It’s a great size for essentials plus a cardigan or jumper (which is also an essential for any Brit anyway). I wanted a bag that I could also comfortably fit my camera in without worrying it was going to get squashed which is what happened in my previous Oliver Bonas bag…still love that one anyway but wanted a change. 


The Essentials:

  • iPad Mini – love using this to write blog posts on the go, and its always good to sit down in a coffee shop and scroll through Bloglovin’ and Pinterest.
  • moleskine notebook – of course being an avid writer, inspiration can pop up anywhere. Having a notebook with me at all times can ensure I never have to worry about missing something. 
  • book – I always find myself travelling to and from London and on trains going who knows where! I like to keep a book on me so I can have a little me time. Right now I’m reading “The Outsider” by Albert Camus and I’m really enjoying it.
  • purse – I’m a spendaholic…need I say more? 
  • phone – just yes.
  • oyster card – ummmm, I just said I travel to and from London a lot. 
  • headphones – they came with my phone…I like them. 


Beauty Bits: 

  • alphabet wash bag – a perfect size. Not too big, not too small. 
  • hand sanitiser – I love the little travel sizes, obviously easy to sanitise if needed.
  • dior lip balm – moisturising and gives a nice natural colour to the lips.
  • maybelline great lash mascara – if I’m ever in a rush, my go to makeup products are powder and mascara, this is a great one to have to hand.
  • hand cream – durrrr
  • powder – I have my bare minerals compact for on the go touch ups, it’s great!


Bits & Bobs: 

  • Bobby pins – an endless supply that always seems to add up. 
  • Hair ties – my hair will always get in my way so these will always end up being taken out of my bag to tie up my tresses.
  • Sunglasses – you never know with England.
  • Umberella – you never know with England.
  • Gloves – you never know with England.

What’s in your bag?

Jess xx

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