The Best from the Fringe 2015

You can obviously guess from the title I’m still in my Edinburgh slump. I know it’s been a month since I was up there but its just such a great atmosphere I couldn’t leave it without telling you about some of my favourite performances when I was up there. 

  1. Beardyman: One album Per Hour – This guy had no kind of advertisement whatsoever, yet still managed to perform to sold out crowds everyday at the fringe. The idea is the audience put forward song titles and the improvised genius that is Beardyman creates that song in front of the awestruck crowd. Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t! I was at one of his performances and what he does is amazing! This is a truly talented man who really does manage to live up to the show title: One album per hour.
  2. The Absence of – I was chatting to my director before heading up to the fringe and looking through the acts saw a group from The Brit School were going up. We thought they would be a great performance to see as they were our age and the show looked like a similar genre to Secrets of Us. Watching the small group of 16 and 17 year olds was a great experience, each and every one was so tight in chorus parts and the characterisation was highly developed. Getting to chat to the enthusiastic actors after was great and they were all such genuine people. What amazed me further was it was just them up there, no one else – just the actors and tech team, no one older than 17. Just goes to show that if you’re dedicated to something you will stop at nothing to get it.
  3. Jekyll – Something slightly different now, and nothing like the book! Jekyll devised and performed by Hypnotist Theatre was one of the first shows I saw up at the Fringe and it was a style very close to my heart. The well rehearsed chorus parts reminding me of my own A Level piece this was one I had to tell my director about and I knew she would enjoy it. After the show we managed to catch up with a couple of the cast and they were all lovely and were up for hearing what we thought about the show. 

IMG_4087 DSC_0698 DSC_0738All in all, we saw about 2 shows each day and that was by far not enough. I guess when you’re performing in your own you have so much to think about an so little time to do anything else. We were only up there for a week and I think that was a good length to perform but I wish I had stayed up there a little longer and experienced more of what the Fringe had to offer. 

Were you up in Edinburgh this summer? What were your favourite shows

Jess xx

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