Looking Back: Summer 2015

Can you believe it? We are over a week into September and with it into Autumn also. At the beginning of this summer I wrote a blog post with a list of things I wanted to complete over the course of my longest holiday yet, which has actually just extended itself by another year as I have officially deferred until next year.

IMG_3386 IMG_3408 IMG_3757 IMG_4017 DSC_0549 IMG_0622 IMG_0664 Photo 23-08-2015 16 07 40 IMG_5850 IMG_5852

1. Day out at the zoo. – Did not do, but there is still time before December! 
2. Trip to the seaside. – I have a roadtrip to Brighton booked in the diary so when that comes along, as will our seaside adventure
3. Go to a new music festival. – COMPLETED 28/08-30/08 Reading Festival 2015
4. Drink at a beach bar. – COMPLETED 24/08 Barcelona (Beach is on holiday, seaside British)
5. Drink at an Ice bar. – Did not do, I need to get someone who wants to chill in ice whilst drinking first
6. Go on a road trip. – I went on numerous that never really went anywhere, we enjoy driving around and blasting out our favourite music (Catfish and the Bottlemen and Frank Turner)  
7. Day out at a theme park. – I had an interview there if that counts? No? Okay well we wanted to go when kids go back to school so will go soon 
8. Have a picnic. – COMPLETED 08/08-16/08 everyday in Edinburgh after flyering but before our show
9. Go on a bike ride. – Do borris bikes count? 
10. Attend a blogger event. – I think this is the one I’m most bummed about! 
11. Weekend away. – COMPLETED 23/07-26/07 (blog post here) and again 21/08-25/08 (blog post here)
12. Do something sporty. – I swam in my pool a couple of times? 
13. Go on holiday. – COMPLETED 08/08-16/08 (Edinburgh) and 21/08-25/08 (Barcelona) 
14. Use a disposable camera. – We were rushing round tesco the night before Reading trying to find one but couldn’t! I’ve just had a lot of photos printed from photobox for my wall though, that’s similar? 

I would say not doing 6/14 is pretty shocking! Oh well, no point dwelling on the past – what I did do this summer was great and everything made it a memorable one

What did you get up to this summer?

Jess xx

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