10 Posts #8

Hello September!


And greetings for the first time in my life where I have nothing to actually do – no school work, no pressure, just me and you guys…How cute!

// 50 traveller tips – as I want to travel as much as possible over the next year // Creative slump escape – for when I have no inspiration to write and blog // Improving everyday – because doing nothing can sometimes become boring and repetitive // What’s your reason – because sometimes we all need reminding why we love what we do // A free paris – because when is Paris not a good idea? // Ethereal photography – because everyone loves a dreamy reality // Spotlight: Hello October – because there’s nothing better than learning some new things about your favourite bloggers // Running tips – because we all need that little push // Festival packing – this was needed for Reading at the weeekend // Happiness boost – because summer is over and we all need some pep in our step //

My favourite blog post on jessiecrescent this month was either my Edinburgh Blues (which are still happening) or My Weekend in Barcelona because both get to share some of my favourite memories with some of my favourite people, you guys – my loyal readers

Which bloggers have been your favourites this month?

Jess xx

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