Life and Other Things

You never know what’s beyond the horizon

I normally don’t blog like this but recently I’ve found that I have nothing to say. Normally when I feel like this writing is the only thing that can help me but I can barely even find a way to begin to write it down.

Blogging is a very weird culture to begin with. You are surrounded with many people who just want to share their passion on a visual platform and who will support their fellow bloggers. However, every once in a while you will come across the rare fame seeking ones who only want to blog for the money.

I hate the competition element of blogging, it’s a vicious cycle to get in to. I blog because I love to write not because I want a certain number to be on my stats page at the end of the day. I’m really proud of my little blog and the genuine people who follow and support me everyday. I love the art of creating something that will be enjoyed by others, but first and foremost I write this for me; to show my growth and improvement as a writer and blogger and I feel like that’s the only reason I should be doing this.

I’m so fortunate I have this space that will always belong to me and so, ultimately, I can do what I want and I often forget that. But now I have finished school I have big decisions ahead of me in the near future. Scary decisions that could change my life and what happens to jessiecrescent as a result of them: do I go to uni and blog on the side, do I try to find an internship in the industry I see future self in, do I take a typical gap year for travelling and take you with me, or do I simply continue with this blog and see what happens?

I’d like to know you’re opinions on blogging and life

Jess xx

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